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Finally what looks to be a decent ATT android device

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  1. UserName872

    UserName872 Well-Known Member

    After what feels like ages of being stuck with AT&T and a horrible lineup of smartphones unless you wanted an iPhone, it looks like we will have a decent or possibly great handset.

    Hell I'll be happy even if it's just a 3G device so long as it doesnt compare to the Moto Backfail and Samsung Craptivate.

    Can't wait for CES and to learn more about the specs and launch date!

  2. striketrue

    striketrue Well-Known Member

    Got my eye on this and the motorola olympus
  3. UserName872

    UserName872 Well-Known Member

    Yes the Moto Olympus has the potential to be a great device too!
  4. FreshPrince

    FreshPrince Well-Known Member

    If this is basically the Desire HD with upgraded specs and a front facing camera it's a day one purchase for me.

    We already know it has a 4-4.3 inch screen based on the picture, as well as 4G (probably 3.5G but that's fine). Hopefully it's running the NEW version of sense.
  5. 1Zach1

    1Zach1 Member

    According to AT&T it's specs are identical to the Desire HD are far as I can tell.
  6. Edge1978

    Edge1978 Well-Known Member

    I am so psyched about this, FINALLY a decent HTC Android Device. The Aria is nice, but was way too small for my big fingers. This and the Moto Atrix is what I am debating on. :)
  7. capitanbuzo

    capitanbuzo Well-Known Member

    I have always been waiting for a HTC Android phone that was decent for AT&T but, knowing it is not a dual-core phone, it looks like I won't be getting this.
  8. jblaze5779

    jblaze5779 Well-Known Member

    Seems like a cool phone but it doesn't appear to be anything that doesn't already exist. The fact that it's finally on ATT though might save it. I'll take a look when it comes out.
  9. FreshPrince

    FreshPrince Well-Known Member

    Wow @ no front facing camera. Shocking.

    Those specs are extremely underwhelming. This looks like a phone that should have been released in June 2010.

    Then they already announce shitty MotoBlur on the dualcore Motorola phone, and Touchwiz on the Samsung.

    AT&T sucks. I'm leaving.
  10. capitanbuzo

    capitanbuzo Well-Known Member

    That's what launcher pro and rooting is for.

  11. Yes because AT&T is the reason the atrix has motoblur. Or that the HTC is the way it is. Answer be this which provider has a better lineup right now?
  12. Ethere

    Ethere Well-Known Member

    It definitely looks promising. Unfortunately, my upgrade isn't until 2012....so I'll be waiting to upgrade till the beginning of next year.
  13. So HTC is saying that the inspire will be the first handset to market in the US with the new sense UI. Being as the EVO shift has it and its being released on Jan 9th does this lead us to believe the inspire arrives before then?
  14. I have a feeling that the atrix has stolen the thunder from all other att phones lol
  15. anexanhume

    anexanhume Well-Known Member

    Disappointing on the hardware front. Previous gen CPU, paltry battery, same old screen. Upshot is enhanced sense on a 4.3 screen, but the atrix really blows it away.

  16. Yes it does but I will tell you for the average person I bet this phone will outsell the atrix
  17. anexanhume

    anexanhume Well-Known Member

    I don't know. I see a lot more droid x's than I do htc incredibles around. A lot of it will depend on how the carrier representatives market the phones to non tech savvy customers.

  18. Yes but the Droid x wins because of two things size and mifi Hotspots. The HTC is gonna be favorably compared to the EVO and it has a bigger screen and nicer look than the atrix
  19. anexanhume

    anexanhume Well-Known Member

    I don't think most consumers will notice the .3" difference. I do think they'll notice HTC's superior aesthetics and the attractiveness of the sense skin, however.

    That's why I say it depends on how they market it. If the representatives keep going on about how the atrix is so much faster and will last longer on a single charge, your average Joe may be swayed.

  20. Yes possibly but I will tell you this the evo when placed next to my four inch Nexus S looks much bigger so perception is a big chuck of the sale
  21. RavenFox

    RavenFox VIP Member VIP Member

    You're funny. Read your post and realize AT&T had nothing to do with this.

  22. That's what I tried to tell him. Its so funny how att takes the brunt for so much that's out of there hands.
  23. blinky

    blinky Well-Known Member

    The Atrix is a better phone than the Inspire. However, the Inspire is already out. The Atrix is, AT LEAST, 6-8 months away from being released.
  24. capitanbuzo

    capitanbuzo Well-Known Member

    Is this a joke? There is no way the Atrix is 6-8 months away. It may be, at most, 3 months away but, realistically, it is 1-2 months away.

  25. Yea where do u come up with this stuff? Its already looking like it will be released this month latest next and your spewing 6-8 months wtf.

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