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Finally, Zenonia 3 Hacks And Cheats

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  1. Recreation

    Recreation Well-Known Member

    First off, let me say that I tried these codes and they work.
    The first is a zen hack, just follow the steps from this Youtube video. The second trick is a method to level up your character with ease. Go to the execution room, select your challenge, select co-op play, select search and add hsh1619. Once found (which the co-op player is oddly level four) select the co-op player. That character is strong ass hell, all you got to do is let him do all the work and gather all the experience for yourself. Enjoy

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  2. sleepyjoe

    sleepyjoe New Member

    Wheres another helper.
    Id: TheKucho
    You uses gamecih?
  3. jaguark

    jaguark Member

  4. sleepyjoe

    sleepyjoe New Member

    Can you help me out?
    I cant root my phone. I will like to have a hack equip.
  5. sleepyjoe

    sleepyjoe New Member

    Can you help me hack equip?
  6. maksharma231

    maksharma231 Member

    Yes i can hack equipment, skills, item stats etc etc....You name it and you've got it.
    Send me an in game mail.
    The name is StormBreaker.My character is a level 99 shadow hunter.
    Everyone feel free to use it.
    I will also be sending out some gold.
    Mail in game for that :)
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  7. maksharma231

    maksharma231 Member

    Merry christmas everyone.
    Sent money and hacked equipment to many many people today.contract in game if you want some too.name is StormBreaker...
    Add my character if you wish (level 99).
    I don't add low level chars with infinite skills because it kinda kills the game.NO FUN AT ALL IF YOU JUST BREEZE THROUGH.But at high level when the aim is to just reach full level(99), use my character, level 99 shadow hunter.
    Note: if you need low level hacked equipment, just send them to me.i will hack and send you back.its because I can't buy low level equipment when I am level 99 lolz...
    Saying this because I got many such requests and cannot explain this in game with the stupid word limit.
  8. Teboxxx

    Teboxxx New Member

    I Send Email maksharma231 For Full Gold And Zen And Items Rare Of Shadow Hunter =D
  9. frankygaming

    frankygaming New Member

    marksharma231 i will send you my request in game and send me some gold LOL....i will add your character...... Y_Y
  10. gabeatwork

    gabeatwork New Member

    Hello there Marksharma, I sent you a pm in game. Not really sure what I want from you lol. I'm a level 48 Shadow Hunter and finding that the monsters are getting to be a little tough towards the end. Perhaps you could modify Sheathe Stones? That would probably be the easiest I would think. Well I'll probably figure out something or you could surprise me either one works for me :D Have a happy new year!
  11. bigfootbag

    bigfootbag New Member

    ey dudes, how can i send a pm in game? i need a lot of zen and gold and rare objects for shadowhunter, im lvl 34 and im bigfootbag
  12. maksharma231

    maksharma231 Member

    Guys i have been blocked.helped too mUch,i think, for gamevil to handle..hope to see you guys in zenonia 4, when it rolls out for Android...
  13. Requiem01

    Requiem01 Member

    Send me some zen and gold please.....
    My id : requiem01
  14. mharkeey

    mharkeey New Member

    Hi there i read your post can u help me out pls.im level 60 and i cant even kill a single mob in hard mode..pls can u send me some zen or hack me a equipment with high stats..your help is highly appreciated thanks and God bless...im a knight and my in game mail is mharkeey
  15. Nixxy

    Nixxy New Member

    Send me some Zen please...

    ID : Nixxy02

    Mechanic Laun. lv. 51
  16. markymark1015

    markymark1015 New Member

    I have a couple questions if someone could help. First how do I add friends in the game? Second how does the hack work on this game? I don't wanna hack to over power to where the games not fun just enough for a little fun.
  17. fourzedriver

    fourzedriver Member

    please teach me how to hack the character unlimited stats such as str, dex, con & int.please reply need help on this one.
  18. maksharma231

    maksharma231 Member

    hi Guys i am back on zenonia 4.
    game id is Stormbreaker. contact for anything( as always...)... :D
    just finished the normal mode of the game. it is awesome ....
  19. verdun81

    verdun81 New Member

    Need stuff! gold , zen points , inventary , rare stuff of course lol , my id is verdun81 (I THINK :/) i'm a nature shaman ,please help... stormbreaker help! (L)

    Necesito cosas! oro ,puntos Zen ,inventarios , cosas raras por supuesto jajaja, mi id creo q es verdun81... soy un nature shaman , necesito ayuda stormbreaker!
  20. moonjhei

    moonjhei New Member

    ei StormBreaker..i send email in zenonia 3..asking for ur help..wish u could help me..am the one asking for lvl 50 warrior equips and some gold..i forgot my ID :) hope u can help me..thanks!
  21. jkeyz1121

    jkeyz1121 New Member

    StormBreaker~ i sent u a mail on Zenonia 3 with the username jkeyz1121 and in the progress of making one in zenonia 4 too, need lots of zen in both games! :( my phone aint rooted so no idea how to hack zen myself :( helpp plssss
  22. jkeyz1121

    jkeyz1121 New Member

    o_o uhhh okay i just noticed this, how are suppose to send zen? i cant find an option for it :O is it not possible?
  23. natureshamon

    natureshamon New Member

    I don't know if you can help me maksharma. But, I have sent you a few messages on zenonia 3 asking you to hack a nature shamon item and asking you for gold. I really need your help....I'm a level 33 nature shamon at the moment and I would really appreciate your help. Please reply on here so I know for sure. Or just hack that item and give me some gold....and also can you hack stats ...I really need that too. I'm on a kindle fire so I cant hack it or I would.:) Thank You- please reply.
  24. nhojluap12

    nhojluap12 New Member

    Hi guys. Anyone can send me gold,zen and unique shadow hunter stuffs? My in game mail is alontar or Alontar. Im playing zenonia 3 on a android phone sony ericsson. Thanks
  25. chudoy

    chudoy New Member

    can you send me a good item im lvl 69 shadow hunter and lvl 83 knight my IGN chudoy/chudiy

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