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  1. Dhz892

    Dhz892 New Member

    Selling modded equipment for 7k a piece. Msg Dhz892 wirh your char type, eq type and the money

  2. AndroidNoob350

    AndroidNoob350 New Member

    hsh1619 is deleted, dragooneq88 is a solution for execution room for normal mode
  3. kazuga

    kazuga New Member

    Iam level 60 and I can't defeat tariq how do you level up to 61 and above
  4. phards

    phards New Member

    hey guys can you give me some gold and zen or item i'm a knight lvl69... my characters name is phards thanks guys
  5. bcgame2

    bcgame2 New Member

    hacking items send me ur class and tell me wat do u want weapon/armor and i will hack a nice item and send it to u my id is: bcgame2

  6. jhea

    jhea New Member

    hello..folks send me items and lvl 90 username is punz
    it will be my pleasure if some would help me..thnx alot..
  7. mikenny

    mikenny New Member

    Well this kinda sucks... I can play zenonia 3 on my Huawei Barcelona but I can't play zenonia 1,2,4 What's up with that and I reffed u when I registered
  8. Vhon

    Vhon New Member

    hi StormBreaker can you please send me unique weapon for shadow hunter
    im already level 77 i need weapon with high percentage of HP absorption and please ^_^ include sheate stone with high dexterity option for zenonia 3
    my id: is


    i would be very thankfull

  9. Zeron86

    Zeron86 New Member

    hi StormBreaker,im Zeron86 i have shadow hunter lvl 90,can u sand me all uniq equip for shadow hunter?.:)
    my id is Zeron86 thx

    sory i forgot to say that im in zenonia 3:)

  10. Hhjcgh

    Hhjcgh New Member

    hi, my game id is hhjcgh, and can you send me 600k gold?
  11. Hhjcgh

    Hhjcgh New Member

    i can. :) what lvl?
  12. Hhjcgh

    Hhjcgh New Member

    me too :(
  13. Hhjcgh

    Hhjcgh New Member

    ill try
  14. khue0904

    khue0904 New Member

    Can you send me 500,000 gold and 1,000,000 zen please?
    My user name is khue0904 lv.42-50
  15. JrPpai

    JrPpai New Member

    Hello , im a lvl 23 blader my ign is " JrPpai " . can you please send me 1.000.000zen and gold? thanks ! WISH YOU GOODLUCK HACKER! :))

    -Zenonia 4(Iphone)
  16. yajsta

    yajsta New Member

    can you guys send me some good items or zens to me. Imma shaman. username is yajsta
  17. daledoe

    daledoe New Member

    hei, i can hack some items for you
    just send me your items
    username : daledoe
  18. Renz1025

    Renz1025 New Member

    My in-game-name: renz1025

    I need help and i hope someone can send me zens and unique items. I also need nice equipments for shadow hunter. Thank you so much. You can send me an in-game-mail also to communicate with me. Thank you in advance.

    Zenonia 3
  19. 69eyes

    69eyes New Member

    Ny mame is 69eyes and I desperetly Need help on both ganes with ubique equipments that hace insane stats uf possible thanks and happy gaming
  20. badtripyan

    badtripyan New Member

    ive mail you on zenonia 3 maybe you can give me items and gold. thx a lot Id:Xiaossu
  21. badtripyan

    badtripyan New Member

    can anyone give me gold and unique items for 99 shaman hunter and mechanic thanks for advance.
    my ID in zenonia 3 is Xiaossu
  22. junaid07

    junaid07 New Member

    my name is junaiz07

    i need 99 unique items warrior please and thanks also 150000m zen :D please
  23. junaid07

    junaid07 New Member

    daledo ???? send me items. USERNAME: junaiz07

    i need 99 unique items, sword, gloves, armor, helm. accesories, cape 160000m zen pleae :((
  24. Tajrian

    Tajrian New Member

    hey flipkik... i have root my phone, but im afraid when i hack in zenonia then it fail... so can u send me some hacked armor set for lv 60 sword knight.. im stuck at pluto boss.. plss help

    my id:theLegend
  25. kihla09

    kihla09 New Member

    Well im stuck in temir coz i dont have any pots and any teleport to go away form there and be right back when i have pots. well.. Can you help me? Also can i have some gold and zen. and you may send me some unique set or epic set

    ING: zygantrax
    Thankyou ;)

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