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  1. dizzle16

    dizzle16 Well-Known Member

    Finally a forum for this device. yay. It's an awesome phone. Can't wait until a dev figures out root

  2. Bootlegger

    Bootlegger Well-Known Member

    I really enjoy this device and never have rooted any device and I have no need that means I have no worries.
  3. mrnyjet

    mrnyjet Well-Known Member

    I have the same outlook. I take new phone, set it up on wi-fi. If it looks ok, then activate on my plan. I have from 14-30 days to try. If not satisfied, i return it. No bricks, no warranty or upgraded ota system issues.
  4. jmitchell1979

    jmitchell1979 Active Member

    The phone does have soft root as of yesterday. Check my post out on this forum scroll down to post number 53 here is the direct link to the page.

    New LG Volt LS-740 - Page 6 - xda-developers
  5. dizzle16

    dizzle16 Well-Known Member

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