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find downloads on samsung momentSupport

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  1. amz519

    amz519 New Member

    I use my google moment for business and pleasure. I especially use it for emails, keeping in touch, scheduling, as well as sending and receiving documents. My question is this: when you save an attachment from an email or dowload a pdf from a website, or what ever the scenario, where do the files you download go in your phone whether to reopen them or delete them to clear up space? Thanks so much for your help!

  2. IDOG

    IDOG Member

    If you're using the stock browser (there are better alternatives) or Gmail client, your downloads should be saved in the following directory on you microSD card: /sdcard/download

    The stock, general purpose email client appears to save downloads to: /sdcard.
  3. 240phil

    240phil Well-Known Member

    to save an attachment from an e-mail you'll need to download the app for it. it is something like "save my attach"
    as far as saving the PDF from a website, I'm honestly not sure... I've never tried to do it. maybe long press on it and hope the option to download pops up
  4. amz519

    amz519 New Member

    forgive me, maybe i wasn't clear as to my question. filed automatically save to my phone. my question is where are they in the phone? where have they gone? how do i find that "downloads" or "recent downloads" folder. I need step by step instructions to get there.
  5. HeadlessPonch

    HeadlessPonch Well-Known Member

    You can use the stock file browser or get one from the Market - many people like Astro. When you open it you should be looking at the contents of your sdcard. If not, press 'home' and then you'll see your sdcard (There is a 'home' button in Astro; it looks like a house. I'm actually not sure what it looks like in the stock file browser, because I haven't had that in a long time). Look for the folder 'downloads' and your files should be in there. There is also a chance they'll be saved on the root of the sdcard, so scroll down past the folders to find the files.
  6. IDOG

    IDOG Member

    As @HeadlessPonch wrote, you need to use the stock file browser or another app like ASTRO to navigate to the files you saved. If you're using the stock app, which is called "File Viewer," do the following:

    1. Click the icon in your app drawer, where the icons for all loaded apps reside, labeled "File Viewer."

    2. Locate the folder called "Download" (or possibly "Downloads") and click it. You should find the files you saved located here. If not, select the icon at the top of the screen to return to the upper-level directory and scroll to the very bottom of the page where you'll find files that were not saved into a sub-folder of the /sdcard directory.

    Good luck.

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