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Finding and using the right serial numberGeneral

  1. octoberdana

    octoberdana Well-Known Member

    I just replaced my Incredible with another brand new within the 30 day replacement window.

    I am trying to add the Incredible to an insurance policy and I need the serial number. I have the serial number off the original box, but I no longer have posession of that phone. So I am assuming that I would want to register the serial number off of the new phone with the insurance company.
    How do I find the serial number on my new device so that I can register it with the insurance company?

  2. dymmeh

    dymmeh Well-Known Member

    it's under the battery
  3. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA) VIP Member

    Usually its gonna be the IMEID underneath the battery.

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