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  1. DanishDevil

    DanishDevil Active Member

    This is pretty self-explanatory:


    I'm downloading now!

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  2. amarryat

    amarryat Well-Known Member

    Thanks, me too. I had looked the other day but since it said it was for the DROID only, I didn't bother to download.
  3. DanishDevil

    DanishDevil Active Member

    Right now, when you run it, it says:

    "Application is not supported on your device. It is currently supported on Motorola Droid."

    Here's hoping that they actually get it out by the end of next week!
  4. 762x51

    762x51 Well-Known Member

    Nice.....I've been waiting for this.
  5. bandgeek99

    bandgeek99 New Member

    Weird, the app's been working for me since the night I took the phone out of the box. Just checked - still works; my DVR is 65% full!
  6. RobN17

    RobN17 Active Member

    Works for me as well. I didn't realize it wasn't a generic Android app.
  7. cheifkeiff

    cheifkeiff Member

    Awesome thanks for the tip and the OP is talking about the actual mobile remote app not the dvr manager.
  8. sontaikle

    sontaikle Well-Known Member

    Awesome! I can't wait to use this when I get home :)
  9. amarryat

    amarryat Well-Known Member

    You're talking about the wrong app.

    There are two FIOS apps. One is the remote DVR app that allows you to program the DVR, view the TV listings etc.

    The other allows you to use your Droid like the cable box remote.
  10. N2Stooges

    N2Stooges Member

    The "FIOS Mobile" app that I downloaded from the Marketplace (controls the DVR functions) works great for me on my Incredible.

    Now if Verizon would add the ability to watch DVR recordings on my phone, that would truly be INCREDIBLE. Who needs a Slingbox if Verizon provided this capability. I have a Slingbox and have been waiting patiently for a Slingplayer version for Android. Sling Media says it's coming soon. A little competition can't hurt. Come on Verizon..step up to the plate and add this capability (if even on wifi only). If Verizon does that, they have a FIOS/Wireless customer for life!
  11. MedfordMan

    MedfordMan Well-Known Member

    Any new info on the Fios Remote App?
  12. DanishDevil

    DanishDevil Active Member

    It isn't working yet. Apparently they're working on a fix.
  13. TangledThorns

    TangledThorns Well-Known Member

    Now the app says Moto only :(
  14. jmarias

    jmarias Member

    The pure remote app updated today works great on my Inc! Semi-complex setup that requires WIFI hookup. Neat phone picture to TV transfer function. What I don't know is if the WIFI hookup must be my local network or if I can use any WIFI net. Will test that next.

    The remote DVR app is still a "no go"...times out every time. TV listings only..and slow at that!

  15. TangledThorns

    TangledThorns Well-Known Member

    Finally it works. I won't use the phone as a replacement for the remote but it's nice to know its there. Plus showing photos from my phone is cool too.
  16. N2Stooges

    N2Stooges Member

    I downloaded the "FIOS Mobile Remote" application from the Marketplace today. If you a Verizon customer, the app was not located in the "Verizon" are of the marketplace. Just search for "FIOS Mobile Remote" and you will find it. The app synopsis says it is now compatible with Droid Incredible. This is a relatively large app ~8MB. It worked the first time for me. Took a little effort to setup my FIOS DVR to allow remote connections but one that was done it has worked flawlessly. The ability to display pictures from your phone on your TV is pretty cool. The remote actually works a lot faster than my Verizon-supplier infrared remote control that came with the DVR.
  17. sillyrabbitt123

    sillyrabbitt123 Well-Known Member

    i used this on my mot droid it was ok the thing i didnt like was you had to turn wifi on.

    i just use the regular remote but its nice to have an alternative.
  18. amarryat

    amarryat Well-Known Member

    Both work just fine for me. Remote DVR is great because it works anywhere. But the Remote control app requires wifi - you must be on the network where the STBs are.
  19. sillyrabbitt123

    sillyrabbitt123 Well-Known Member

    that is SWEET with the DVR app love that!
  20. sillyrabbitt123

    sillyrabbitt123 Well-Known Member

    anyone know how to add two droids to the fios account? my wife has one and so do i.

    we both want remote DVR programing access anyway to do it?

    i created a sub account for her and a username on fios but no go, it looks like only one phone per fios account :(

  21. njdreamer

    njdreamer New Member

    Works well with my Incredible...just wish the volume +/- worked for the TV, it only raises or lowers the volume output on the STB.
  22. TangledThorns

    TangledThorns Well-Known Member

    Its great I can uploaded pictures but I'd like to see the same done with video as well.
  23. Howie

    Howie Well-Known Member

    Just got FiOS service last night and found these apps in the Market. So much fun :) Now when the lady is upstairs, or our guests are watching TV I can mess with her hahahahaha I'll "flick" photos on to the TV or change channels on her, it's gonna be a riot :D
  24. plim

    plim Well-Known Member

    does anyone have a 2nd wifi router in front of the verizon wifi router? the vzw router doesn't provide a strong enough signal, so i have a netgear g router in front of it as my wireless ap. i think because of that, it's not working on my incredible.

    if not, then i have another problem..
  25. DanishDevil

    DanishDevil Active Member

    The Verizon router is required to be the active router on your network. Maybe set them both up and have the VZW one as a different SSID exclusively for your phone?

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