FIRE SALE! ALL MUST GO! (Transformer, EVO4G, Macbook)

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  1. I was originally looking to trade for an iPad or iPod, but since my awesome girlfriend hooked me up recently, I am now focusing on getting a sweet desktop/gaming rig (because what better way to pay back my girlfriend for buying me an iPad by ignoring her and playing Skyrim all day?:p)

    First up, like from my previous post, Asus Transformer Tablet! The best selling Honeycomb tablet from earlier this year (also receiving ICS this year!)

    pics here Photo Album - Imgur

    verification pic [​IMG]

    It's rooted, and running a version of Prime Right now, but I can change it back to stock or whatever before shipping it out. Has a scratch on the bottom edge near the charging port (see pics).

    Asking $250 OBO. Includes 8 gig Class 6 SD Card.

    Next up, is my 2011 Macbook 13 Inch, 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2, Upgraded to 4 gigs of RAM, 250 Gig HDD, DVDRW's basically the baseline MacBook with upgraded RAM. Purchased on April 24th of this year for $1000, unfortunately, no Apple Care. I currently have it running OSX Snow Leopard, but I will upgrade it to Lion FOR FREE before shipping. (Sorry, but I will be keeping the OSX and iLife disks for my new rig, which I plan to dual boot Windows and OSX).

    Asking $800

    Finally, my first ever Android Device, The OG EVO 4G. It was the first production model (Hardware 003), so, unfortunately, it DOES have the charging port issue, but that never slowed me down. It is rooted and S-OFFed, and running the latest version of Cyanogen. I will install the stock rooted rom if requested, but I WILL NOT unroot it. Seriously, though, why would you even want that?:p

    Shows some small signs of wear and tear, and has an AWESOME Cyanogen sticker/decal on the back, which I can remove, but I suggest it stays, it gives lots of character:D!

    [Placeholder for Pictures]

    Asking $175

    Last but not least, Combos!!!!

    Transformer + EVO = $400

    Transformer + Macbook = $1000

    EVO + Macbook = $925

    EVO + Transformer + Macbook = $1100 ------- BEST OFFER!!!!:D:D:D:D:D

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  2. bik2101

    bik2101 Well-Known Member

    you have any feedback someplace that we can check?
  3. wolf1306

    wolf1306 Well-Known Member

  4. wolf1306

    wolf1306 Well-Known Member

    transformer pending payment to me. at work at the moment but will paypal as soon a i go home
  5. wolf1306

    wolf1306 Well-Known Member

    paypal sent for the transformer
  6. wolf1306

    wolf1306 Well-Known Member

    Sent you the PayPal and never head from you , are you still there and why you are not responding.
  7. wolf1306

    wolf1306 Well-Known Member

    This guy hasn't made any contact since I paid him 3 days ago,I already filled a dispute with Paypal, I hope I can get my money back
  8. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!! Moderator

    Let me know how this goes.
  9. wolf1306

    wolf1306 Well-Known Member

    can't believe people still do that here, trying to scam people out of their hard earned money, but i will get him , i am not worried.
  10. wolf1306

    wolf1306 Well-Known Member

    he is shipping monday, he was just sick. he contact me and gave me his number too so he is good.
  11. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!! Moderator

    Glad to hear. Still let us know when you get it.
  12. wolf1306

    wolf1306 Well-Known Member

    Tim is legit, he shipped the item today and he was sick for couple of days.
  13. wolf1306

    wolf1306 Well-Known Member

    just wanted to let everyone knows i got my transformer today. it was super fast sipping and everythnig is as described, great seller. i vouh for him
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  14. summitone

    summitone Active Member

    still got the evo 4g?? pm me with links to pic's and would u take 100.00 shipped?

    WV_ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Free bump for some good deals.
  16. wolf1306

    wolf1306 Well-Known Member

    bump for a good trader

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