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  1. matthew12345

    matthew12345 Active Member

    can anyone tell me how to install the 3.5 firmware?

  2. xavierpj

    xavierpj Member

    1) On the thread below from norton112233 , click relevant link to your phone
    2) On the chinese file share page - click link 4th down under the file size / date time / clock symbol - enter the 4 digit code that comes up
    3) Below that under the advert there is a small green arrow icon pointing downwards. Click the link immediately to the right of that
    4)download .rar file / extract it and place the image file directly on your SD card
    5) switch off phone... I find it easier to remove battery... put in battery. Hold the side button down continually while switching the phone on... you'll see the update procedure start....

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  3. matthew12345

    matthew12345 Active Member

    so i dont have to root it i just put it on the sd card

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