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  1. tedpc01

    tedpc01 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi, I start downloading the new firmware (3.2.79 I believe) and it gets so far in it, then it errors out. This has happened multiple times and I have a great wifi connection. Any ideas?


  2. tedpc01

    tedpc01 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi all. Following the directions in another post, I downloaded the firmware from and other than it taking awhile and my worrying that it would not work, it downloaded and successfully updated the firmware!!! :)
  3. togger161

    togger161 Well-Known Member

    I have tried updating mine directly from the device over a good home wifi network and it has never worked once. I get the update from the website and download it via the PC, then copy it across to the tablet via usb cable. The device then finds it and updates it OK.

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