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  1. supersoprano

    supersoprano Member

    Hello chaps,

    This is simply doing my head in.

    I upgraded to the latest Kies version 2.2.0, and was promptly greeted with a message to say that I could upgrade my firmware from JVO to JVT.

    Wicked, thought I. And so I followed the instructions, and after four attempts, and four failed upgrades, I'm willing to give up unless someone can point me in the right direction.

    The phone is connecting okay to Kies, and I'm able to browse my folders via windows 7, so I don't think the issue is with the cable.

    How else can I upgrade the firmware without risking bricking my phone and invalidating the warranty on it?

  2. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    May I ask what error message Kies is giving you? It may be a simple case of temporarily disabling any security software on your PC (Anti Virus/Firewall) during the upgrade process.

  3. supersoprano

    supersoprano Member

    Hi - something like "Firmware upgrade failure - error unknown" (on Kies). Seems pretty common with SGS users... really hope to sort this out. I know I could do this via Odin, but that would almost certainly invalidate my insurance and my warranty. Really appreciate your help...
  4. supersoprano

    supersoprano Member

    Hi all,

    Now my phone is stuffed up. Kies told me that my laptop failed to recognise my phone during upgrade, and while the phone was in dowload mode (with the yellow triangle and droid digging graphic), Kies said to disconnect the phone from my computer and reboot the phone. So I did that and now I'm faced with the "phone..!" graphic (orange exclamation triangle in the middle).

    I've tried to go into recovery mode - no joy. Tried a hard reset - no joy either. Tried going back into download mode - nothing.

    Kies is obviously still crap, but I'm stuck with a phone that is not working at all now.

    what do I do?

  5. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear of your misfortune. You have two options available to you now. The first is to take it to a Samsung service centre and explain that your phone is bricked due to Kies failing to update the software. They will then flash the phone with the latest firmware (probably using Odin) for you, for free.

    The second option is to use Odin to flash the firmware yourself. As long as you flash the correct firmware version available for your handset nobody needs to know if you've used Odin so your warranty will still be valid.

    I've had that PC & Phone screen before and just used Odin to recover my phone. You will need to pull the battery for a few minutes before you can re-enter download mode (Volume down + Home button + Power button).

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  6. supersoprano

    supersoprano Member

    Hi Ray - thanks for the info. I've now downloaded Odin, but have no clue how to figure out how to use it or how to tell which is the correct firmware to use. I'm guessing it depends on my carrier, which is orange, as to which version I take. What confuses me most of all is that Kies was suggesting a version that I now can't remember completely, although the latest release on SamMobile for UK i9000 looks similar.

    Could you or someone else talk me through the steps I need to take? For example, I don't know which files to use with Odin, despite having looked inside the zip in which they are contained...

    All so unnecessary... how I hate Kies this evening!
  7. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    The steps to take are very simple once you know how, so don't let it worry you.

    I assume you have downloaded the I9000BVJVC 2.3.5 file from SamMobile? You will need to extract the files using 7Zip or WinRAR.

    Now, put the phone into download mode (Volume down + Home + Power button) and make sure it's not connected to your PC.

    Launch Odin and click on PDA then navigate to the location of your unzipped folder and select the CODE file.

    Click Modem and select the PHONE file.

    Click CSC and select the CSC file.

    Now connect your phone to the PC and wait for Odin to detect it. A small box on the upper left will turn yellow with some text in it. Once it's connected hit Start and let Odin do its job.

    If successful a box at the top left will be green with the word PASS in it, and the phone will auto reboot. The reboot process will take a few minutes so don't worry and just let it sort itself out.

    When it's finally done I recommend a factory reset to wipe any residual files from the previous firmware.

    All the best.

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  8. supersoprano

    supersoprano Member

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for the help there - I did manage to update with a different version of the firmware, and am probably going to do it again today with yet another one (after backing everything up). I have also sent an angry email to Samsung in the last couple of days, complaining strongly about Kies, and will be posting to the forum to let people know the outcome of that!

    Seriously tho - thought my poor phone was a goner!


  9. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you've got your phone working again.
    As for Kies, I'm sure Samsung have been inundated with complaints from thousands of people and hopefully one day they will sort out Kies once and for all.


  10. ChrisDown

    ChrisDown New Member

    Spoke to Samsung tech support yesterday. THey advised downloading Kies and upgrading firmware on my SGS2. Upgrade failed and emergency recovery has failed also. Looks as if I'm off to the local Samsung service centre in the morning. Great phone - atrocious software.
  11. nattmask

    nattmask New Member

    Took me a while to get all the files needed, but your walkthrough was so user-friendly that I managed to "save" my phone after getting it stuck in KIES.
    Thank you for this help, you have just saved my whole week.
  12. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member


    I'm happy to have helped.

  13. drmaslam

    drmaslam Member

    Dear Ray
    Looks like you are the man who can answer my query. I have an i9000 which is 2.5 year old and still runs on eclair.. i now use i9300 but this one i have to my daughter.. it is still locked to 3 and i bought a 3 sim only package for her.. tried my best to upgrade the firmware via Kies but it's a lousiest piece of software i have come across

    can I upgrade the firware via odin.. i have collected the raw materials (odin and the firmware files) as shown on this page theandroidsoul dot com slash xxjvu slash

    Shall I do that? it will take my phone to latest gingerbread?


  14. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    Hello there,

    It's been a long while since I had my i9000 but I think I still remember how to flash using Odin. Anyhow, your best bet is to download the proper 3 Firmware from the following site.

    Firmwares | SamMobile

    The latest 2.3.6 version is at the top. You will need to create an account with SamMobile first before you can download the firmware package. Once done you can follow the steps I've previously posted above to flash the phone using Odin.

    If memory serves some of the later firmware packages contained only one file rather than the three files of older firmwares. If this is the case with the JW3 firmware then just add that one file to the PDA field in Odin and click on Start to begin the update process. When the phone has updated and restarts please don't be tempted to remove the cable until the home screen is shown as first boot will take longer than usual.
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  15. drmaslam

    drmaslam Member

    Thanks Ray.. very prompt reply..
    I did download that file version PDA NEJW3 and on unzipping it gave me only one file.. (created in June 2012 JW3_JW3_JW1 called rar archive file) now i know why.. but the other one which I got for XXJVU VERSION on unzipping gave me three files and these were created in 2011 november)..

    I am not sure which one to use.. the XXJVU version or the other one.. the combined unzipped size of the three files is about 80 mb more than the single file , which may suggest that the three file version is more advanced one.. I dunno :confused:
  16. drmaslam

    drmaslam Member

    also Ray.. does it matter if the phone is still locked to 3 network ?
  17. drmaslam

    drmaslam Member

    also odin i have got two versions - Odin3 v1.7 (much older) than Odin3 v3.07.. :confused:
  18. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    As I suspected, the JW3 firmware is just the one file and as it is specifically for phones on the 3 network you cannot go wrong in flashing that one. Also, as it is a newer version of the firmware you are definitely better off flashing that one.

    Samsung started to release (leak) firmwares as one file to simplify the flashing process and also to lessen the file size, so don't worry about the difference is size between the three and the one.

    It doesn't really matter what version of Odin you use as long as your phone is detected correctly by either. Try using the latest version first and if your phone is detected and "added" successfully then you can safely use that one.

    Good luck.
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  19. drmaslam

    drmaslam Member

    thanks Ray
    you are my guru.. will inform you of the success I achieve later..
    in case something goes wrong - how will I get the phone back to square 1 as it was..
  20. drmaslam

    drmaslam Member

    wow wow wow..
    thanks!!! Ray!!
    took 3 minutes 53 seconds.. was so so easy.. samsung kies sucks.. they should simple abandon this and start updating this way!!
    my daughter can download angry birds etc and all modern games which won't run on eclair..
  21. youfool

    youfool Member

  22. DrQuackles

    DrQuackles New Member


    Hello there, I'm a new user so please bare with me.

    I downloaded the file I9000XXJW4_I9000OXAJW5_CPW (JW4_JW5_JW4.tar) as my phone is from the carphone warehouse (it's talkmobile, a branch of vodafone).

    I have never unzipped a file before or used WinRAR, so I followed some 'rough' instructions from youtube.

    I double-clicked the downloaded file (from SamMobile - JW4_JW5 etc) and it appeared in WinRAR, I then clicked 'extract to' and selected the destination for the unzipped file. However, I noticed that the folder contained 7 files.


    I guess this was not supposed to happen? I also tried searching for a CODE file from the PDA function in Odin3 however it could not locate anything in my 'unzipped' folder?

    Any help you could provide would be very much appreciated!

    Thank you for reading this :)
  23. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    Hi DrQuackles,

    I'm currently out and about (it's Friday night after all:D) but I will get back to you tomorrow to help you out.


  24. DrQuackles

    DrQuackles New Member

    Thanks for getting back to me Ray.

    Brilliant! Thank you very much, Yeah absolutely, whenever you're free :D

  25. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    Hi DrQ,

    Here we go then.

    Firstly, the file you have downloaded is the correct one so all good so far. The file is actually just a zipped folder so all you need to do is right click on it and select Windows own "Extract all" function to unzip it. Select a memorable destination then click OK.

    Once done, the unzipped folder should now have two files; JW4_JW5_JW4.tar and SS_DL.dll. You can safely ignoer the .dll file because it's the .tar file we're interested in.

    Now we can move on to Odin and putting your phone into download mode.

    To put the phone into download mode just press and hold the Volume DOWN + Home button + Power button in that order and hold them together. The phone should show the digging Android picture on the screen.

    Now launch Odin and connect your phone to your PC via USB.

    Once the phone is detected, click on PDA and navigate to your unzipped folder and selet the .tar file.

    Now you can click start and wait for Odin to flash your phone.

    As previously mentioned, it will take longer than usual to boot the phone the first time after a reflash so let it carry on before you pull the USB lead out.

    Once done, you should now have a phone with a fresh OS so you will have to re-add your apps back on but I would suggest doing a factory reset first to make sure any leftover stuff from the previous firmware is wiped.

    All the best.


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