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  1. JW1988

    JW1988 New Member

    Bricked my 8230 Firmware file for australia no longer available on huawei site, they want me to send phone to their service dept. Anyone know where i can download

  2. JW1988

    JW1988 New Member

    Finally found the file on the net.

    Phone now working ok
  3. henriqueigc

    henriqueigc Member

    Hi, can you please share that location with us... thanks

    I'm asking this because i really need to find the original portuguese firmware from TMN for my U8230... :confused:

    I don't know if we're allowed to share links on this forum so, if you can't please send me a pm.

    thanks in advance.
  4. Ezima Ugwu

    Ezima Ugwu Member

    Can you let have the link to where you got your update frmware.

    Ezima Ugwu.
  5. Guru82

    Guru82 Well-Known Member

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