Firmware from different location?

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  1. pablo81

    pablo81 New Member

    Hi all!

    I bought my HTC One X in UK on contract 6 months ago, recently i had moved to the Philippines, do you guys know if this may be the cause that my phone will not be updated to new jelly bean firmware? Will i ever receive software from here?

    Thanks in advance for replies :)

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    You will receive the firmware when the UK gets it.

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  3. pablo81

    pablo81 New Member

    Thanks Chanchan

    Its just that i was able to search t-mobile forum where there was a guy claiming that he already received jelly bean ver. 4.1.2 on HTC One X It is little bit strange for me that we are in the same network and i haven't received this update yet. Any comments ?
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    It's normal. Usually despite being on the same network, the updates for the devices are not released at the same time due to product codes and such. Also, it could be that T-Mobile released the update via OTA method, in which case you need to be using a T-Mobile SIM if I remember correctly. Its a bit more difficult with HTC as I don't know if they have a PC update program. With a Samsung you can just install Kies on a PC or Mac and update your phone where ever you are in the world or whatever carrier you are currently using your phone on. If HTC has a similar program you may have to use that.
  5. pablo81

    pablo81 New Member

    There is no such a software for HTC unfortunately and i dont know if my T-mobile sim card can be fully functional while roaming as to giving me software update prompt. I have directed my question to HTC customer service let's see what they say. The website given is perhaps good for someone who already has rooted phone, i don't like to do it if i don't have to. Thank you for all replies
  6. pablo81

    pablo81 New Member

    Got my update tonight to version 4.1.1 on simcard other than t-mobile , still question goes on my mind, does my phone check for software on different server than it would if i was located in UK? something is telling me that perhaps i would had gotten this update sooner.

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