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firmware problem

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  1. Marice

    Marice Member

    Hello all,

    I dont have a visson box, but i have a device very similar, i know this firmware runs ok on my el cheapo chinese android stick(f16rev) because i have had it installed before.

    I was running 20120905_Android_ICS-ATV-108-f16ref-test (installed initially on a bricked box, recovered using recovery sd card with this fw). after some time messing with stuff i though i do a clean reinstall of this fw, but i would not let me.. it said "firmware not found" in the updater app. so i extracted the update.zip from the 20120905_Android_ICS-ATV-108-f16ref-test.zip file, and placed that in the root of my SD card.
    This time it updated (yay).. but.. it did not install superuser and many other apps (because they where in new_patch.zip (which was included in the main zip: 20120905_Android_ICS-ATV-108-f16ref-test.zip).

    My question now is: how do i get the full firmware installed back again, with all app (including root and google apps etc)?

    remember: installing 20120905_Android_ICS-ATV-108-f16ref-test.zip will simply not work, as the vplay updater does not accept this file :(

    thi is my device btw: Android 4.0 Mini PC Amlogic M3 Cortex A9 1G RAM 4G ROM w/ HDMI / Wi-Fi - Black - Worldwide Free Shipping - DX

    Thanks for any response!

  2. Marice

    Marice Member

    Ok, so i fixxed the problem myself

    I uploaded the files for anyone who may have the same problems as me, hope it is helpfull to some people.

    Consider this a modified update, that flashes stanes rom in 2 parts/stages.

    1. extract contents of "first flash.rar" to the root of your SD card.
    2. update system via update app.
    3. let system install and reboot.
    4. clear CD card, copy contents of "second flash.rar" to SD,
    5. install from app, reboot.
    6. done

    Many thnx to Stane for the rom!
    (like i said, its just an easy fix, all credit goes to him)

  3. jlguerrer

    jlguerrer New Member

    Thanks for sharing Maurice.

    I am currently waiting to receive my VS-ATV-103 stick which I believe is the same as yours. When it arrives I will install the firmware and report back.

  4. Marice

    Marice Member

  5. Marice

    Marice Member

    For anyone who is interested in the stick version of the amlogic m3 - f16ref board, i am trying to make a forum with information about the device:

    Home for the f16ref homeless - Index

    I will try to fill it with more info this weekend.
    and i hope it can be a place for discussion about the device.

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