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[Firmware Release] [Allphone-Chita_CM2.3.7] V5 Final Version releasedSupport

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  1. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

  2. orestis

    orestis Well-Known Member

    can I update from the 2.3.7 version to the v5?
  3. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    no idea.. you can try..
  4. Rocky4u

    Rocky4u Well-Known Member

    how is the front camera working?
  5. wright000

    wright000 Member

    Has multi language interface?
  6. Rocky4u

    Rocky4u Well-Known Member

    it only has chinese and English
    the front camera is still not working correctly
    they have replaced the contacts and sms applications, however they are half in chinese, still
    the clock is still buggy
    new ROm manager app added - however I do not see what for as you cannot select clockwork mod for lephone, and I would not test anything else on it...

    therefore, as a conclusion I do not see anything different than v4. I mean no improvements (now I feel sorry for upgrading to this one).
    I am waiting for LEOS3.0 - quite curious what they will came with...

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