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Firmware required, I'm stuck in a bootloop!Support

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  1. uboy

    uboy New Member

    As soon as i realized my Venus was already rooted out of the box i installed a couple of apps: "AdAway"and "Rom Toolbox Pro" which amongst other things i use to change fonts. I installed "Ubuntu" font and rebooted the Venus with no issues other than the font looked awful. I decided to install a better looking one never to boot again.
    So the thing gets to the ainol gif on boot and remains there indefinitely so I'm assuming maybe rom toolbox has put some script maybe that is causing some kind of conflict preventing my Venus from fully booting up.
    So i figure the easiest solution since there is very little installed on the Venus is just to re flash it. Which is why i need an update zip please.
    Also I'm thinking of flashing CWM to avoid such blunders in the future, can anyone tell me if this will work please?

  2. uboy

    uboy New Member

  3. rui-no-onna

    rui-no-onna Well-Known Member

    Did you turn the tablet off and hold down the volume+ button while connecting the tablet to USB? The tablet should enter ADFU mode if you did that and drivers are installed properly. If the firmware tool isn't recognizing the tablet properly, you'd have to manually install the drivers (open Device Manager on Windows and see if the tablet shows up there).
  4. uboy

    uboy New Member

    Thanks for the encouragement, I've just got my tablet booted up again :)
  5. uboy

    uboy New Member

    The new firmware seems faster and smoother and there is no bloat ware or Chinese apps in there at all. It was an easy fix once i got my head around it. :)
  6. mapaks

    mapaks New Member


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