Firmware/ROMS for Arnova 10 G2

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  1. hgoldner

    hgoldner Well-Known Member

    Here are links to three ROMs currently available for the Arnova 10 G2. Philadelphia Newspaper owners should be sure to copy their 3 PMN apps from \system\apps before flashing these, and remember: there are no Nandroids for the RK2918-based tablets, so you cannot go back without flashing the original firmware.

    Finless' 1.4 (includes root, Android Market and apps)

    Kasty 2.0 (includes root, Android Market and apps)

    (Work in Progress) Honeycomb front end for Gingerbread

    Before flashing any of these make sure you have the original, latest firmware from Arnova available, in case you need to go back to stock. Those firmware are located here.

  2. tattman65

    tattman65 New Member

    I'm running the 1.4 rom on my 10bg2. It's really nice, fast and does exactly what it's suppose to.:thumbup:finless and the guys at freaktab done an exceptional job i think. Check em out. Just recently flashed finless Bob 1.5 debloated Rom wow amazing,
  3. tintin2005

    tintin2005 New Member

    hello man.

    did it really work in a ARNOVA 10b g2 ?

    THe author says that is for arnova 10 G2....

    Can you confirm it please?

  4. hgoldner

    hgoldner Well-Known Member

    Had a 10b multitouch quite a while ago and I seem to recall running Finless 1.4 on it; replaced it with another 10 G2 (currently on sale on ebay) and rolled it up to 2.2b Pro.

    Never liked the 10b. Screen barely as responsive as the 10. Sold it as soon as I got my replacement 10 G2.

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