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Firmware update problems... what you can do!Tips

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  1. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    This applies to all major firmware updates...

    I have personally used a number of the ICS ROM's, LPS, LP7, LP8, LPD, LPF, LPG and LPI, LPY and LPZ and the new Jelly Bean firmwares, LS8, LSD, LSE, LSJ, MS1, LSN, LSS and LSW and they are all stable and work well. So it's no good blaming the firmware itself I'm afraid.

    Short version... FULL wipe and vanilla install

    1. Press Factory Reset button and Format internal and external memories.

    2. Check out your firmware for problems prior to re-installing your app's and settings.

    3. Set your phone up from scratch by re-syncing to your Google account.

    Long version

    When you upgrade not only is the platform changed but all your app's and settings have to be reconfigured and integrated into the upgrade during the process. This is in an attempt by Samsung to retain everything on your phone so that you do not have to set it all up again after the change.

    If you stop and think about the millions of app's and the myriad of settings that this has to take into account then maybe you can understand why there are sometimes problems with SGSII phones after new firmware is installed.

    Some of these problems are caused by app's that are not suitable for the new firmware. Remember, not all app's on the Play Store may be compatible with your new firmware yet. Other app's, that work on your existing firmware, have to be updated for the new one, if possible, during the change over. No mean feat.

    (***Also, it should be noted, that the Jelly Bean file structure is changed from that used in Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich and could affect app's that have been moved from phone memory to internal or external memory.)

    These problems can manifest themselves in all sorts of ways... from non compatible app's continually running and causing high battery usage and over heating not to mention eating up your storage with constant log or dump files. Settings that are giving Forced Closes or very long screen lags. High RAM usage or screen freezes and shut-downs can all occur because the user app's or data have not, or can not, be integrated successfully into the new framework automatically during the change over.

    Also, the downloaded firmware update itself may have been corrupted. This can easily happen with OTA, (Over The Air), updates where an interruption has occurred with the download. This has also been reported by some who have used the Samsung PC suite, Kies. However, unless you do a Factory Reset... you cannot be sure. See, ***, for how to re-install an update.

    So, what can you do?

    Well, I would strongly recommend a Factory Reset prior to upgrading.

    Settings > Back up and reset > Factory data reset

    Yes, I know, its a lot of hassle because you have your phone set up the way you like it on your existing firmware but it's a lot more hassle if things go wrong, as we can see from this forum. Besides, this is the very reason that Android include the Factory Reset feature. Besides, if you take your phone to a Samsung Service Point, this is usually the first thing they do.

    Having said that, I always do a Factory Reset and clean install so that there is no old setting or data from a previous ROM/firmware.

    OK, I'm rooted, so it is easier for me with various tools, etc; that are available to rooted users. However, you are only going to be doing it once or twice.

    The object of the Factory Reset is to return your phone's memory back to the out-of-the-box state with no user app's or data from your old firmware to cause problems. Make no mistake, if you are on, say, ICS, this does not revert you back to Gingerbread.

    You should take the time to check out your phone prior to re-installing your app's and settings to ensure that you are not experiencing any problems with the firmware itself. See, ***

    A Factory Reset will not touch your Internal* or External SD cards. However, I would strongly suggest copying any files from the Internal memory to your computer, using a USB cable and Windows Explorer, for safe keeping.

    * If you have any app's, settings or data stored on your Internal/External memory, you may also want to consider erasing this as well, after saving anything you wish to keep.

    Settings > Storage > Erase USB storage.

    The same applies to your external SD card if you have moved app's to it as when you move an app part of it stays in the phone memory and part is moved to your Internal/External storage. As you can see, this can cause problems in itself.

    You should also make sure that you are fully sync'd with your Google account so that Contacts and Calendar, etc; can be automatically restored after the Factory Reset and your subsequent sign in to your Google account.

    You can also, as a safeguard, save your Google Contacts by going into Contacts > Menu > Import/Export > Export to SD card and keep a copy on your computer.

    Providing your app's are all sync'd with the Play Store, they will start re-installing automatically, one-by-one after signing in with your Google account details, email/password. Your paid app's are still there as paid app's, so you do not lose them. The restore from the Play Store will take some time and should be done via Wi-Fi as there will be a lot of data downloaded. You may find that you have to, "set-up", some of your app's again or that there are updates for a number of app's or that you will need to manually re-download some again. This is no bad thing as it was probably these very things that were causing problems in the first place.

    If you have any passwords or Wi-Fi codes, etc; you should make a note of these before the Factory Reset.

    *** If, after a Factory Reset and prior to installing any app's, you find that your phone is still misbehaving this could be because of a corrupt installation of the firmware update originally. You can either take it to a Samsung Service Point or re-flash the firmware yourself using Odin and the instructions in #1.7, here.

    A useful app for backups, on un-rooted phones, is, "Helium", from the Play Store. However, be warned, you may well be restoring the very app's and settings that caused the problem to begin with. A safer method is to do a fresh install and set-up of each app.

    As I said, this may seem a lot of hassle but the alternatives are:-

    1. Put up with your phone the way that it is.

    2. Take it to a Samsung Service Point and get them to re-flash it for you... in which case you will lose everything anyway.

    3. Re-install your old firmware using Odin, which may not solve the problem anyway, and possibly lose everything.

    The choice, as they say... is yours. ;)

  2. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member


    Initial ICS ROMs I tried were nowhere near GB standards. Likewise, initial GB releases were probably nowhere near Froyo standards.

    Now however, things are different. The ever-improving firmware releases are every bit, if not better now than the best GB offering. Scrolling and battery life has improved vastly, and this combined with the other benefits ICS brings you should give you no reason to drag your heels on Gingerbread. People still on Gingerbread are probably hesitant due to the myriad of ICS related "problems", but as ironass has highlighted, this really is not the case.

    I would recommend a factory reset and format of /system before flashing your first ICS ROM. (I do this in fact before flashing ANY ROM). If you are not rooted, I don't know if a format of /system is an option in the Nandroid recovery, so its a case of booting up into Recovery and see if its in there. If you are in fact rooted, you can run GS2 ROM Nuke which formats /system and does a factory reset.

    When going from GB to ICS It may also be a good idea to format your internal SD card (in the menu>settings>storage screen), but remember to back up what you need, or transfer to external sd card first. (eg. any personal things such as pictures, music etc. and be aware your Titanium Backups may be held in there)
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  3. The Driver

    The Driver Well-Known Member

    Well I got to the point with all of the problems with my SGS2 that I got a technology magazine involved and despite doing at least 4 factory resets & losing everything (it was backed up first), it still kept freezing, losing both phone & 'net connections.

    Yes even their phone technology editor was puzzled by this handset's behaviour.

    My handset started telling me I had mail & texts when in fact I had read them, the last time it told me I had 72 texts, 14 emails, when in fact I'd already read the emails & deleted/responded to them and read the texts.

    The battery kept getting hot, then the battery life would drop like a stone after the so called upgrade.

    In the end it crashed and wouldn't restart, so a mate put a USB Jig? on it and got it to reboot. It has now been sent back to Samsung for repair.

    I cannot have a phone like that as I need to be easily contactable due to family illness.

    ICS I know is responsible for this as my phone had 2.3.4 (GB) on beforehand it was stable & 100% reliable, afterwards it was useless for 45% of the time showing a blank screen & not being able to access anything.
  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry to hear about your ongoing problems with your SGSII, The Driver.

    It sounds as though that there is more to your phone problems than the mere update which, I have to admit, may have exposed any shortcomings.

    I believe you did the right thing by returning it to Samsung for repair or replacement under warranty.
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  5. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    I have been pm'd by someone asking me about re-installing app's and data from a backup made with either Kies or MyBackup Pro.

    The problem is that you'd only be re-introducing the problems again with app's and data from Gingerbread being installed on ICS firmware.

    Far better to bite the bullet and re-install from afresh.
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  6. The Driver

    The Driver Well-Known Member

    One puzzling symptom was every so often when I turned it on it went into download mode!

    I'm really annoyed with this as it should be a simple and foolproof thing to do via Kies or OTA, I think Samsung should make it so that before if updates it backs up the contents to your memory card, then performs a factory reset & then installs itself.

    Surely it must be possible to do a script to enable this sequence to happen, so that people can be assured that it has been done 100% correctly and no errors occur that could cause potentially serious damage to the phone.

    I suspect that Samsung will have got quite a surprise when they found the letter that I included with the phone, a double sided A4 sheet with the list of faults, some persistent, whilst others were intermittent.

    I know one thing... I miss my phone! [​IMG]
  7. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    If only it were that simple The Driver! :)

    If it were an update within the same platform, say Gingerbread, then it is fairly straightforward, as we have seen in the past.

    However, this is a whole different platform and ball game I'm afraid.

    Every experienced rooter and flasher in the, "All Things Root" section, will tell you that the best and safest way to update a ROM, let alone a platform, is to do a full wipe and start with a clean slate.

    Good luck with your repair/replacement.
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  8. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    I received a PM, regarding my advice in post #1, asking if I could, "guarantee that after doing a Factory Reset that my phone will be perfect".

    My reply was, "Can you guarantee that it won't be?"

    As I mentioned in my original post, it's no use blaming Ice Cream Sandwich!

    I have personally used 6 or 7 different versions now and they all perform very well and this is the consensus of opinion over on the, "All Things Root", section of the forum. In fact, if there are any problems such as those that are described in the first post, then this is always the standard recommendation made after flashing a new firmware.

    Sure, the early, March 13th, releases of the LPQ version were a little, "flakey", but nothing that would cause the problems we see on this forum. Besides, by and large, most of the LPQ's have had further updates since then.

    If after doing all the things in post #1, you still have problems, then it might be time for a trip to the Samsung Service Point whilst your phone is still under warranty.

    Alternatively, you could consider re-flashing your firmware or even switching/updating your firmware, manually, via Odin, see post #1, here.

    If you re-flash the same firmware that you are already on then you will not void your warranty... details in the last link.
  9. The Driver

    The Driver Well-Known Member

    Well the phone is back from the service centre and it lasted all of 3 days before starting to throw up the same faults as before with the addition of this fatal error!

    The process com.google.process.gapps has stopped unexpectedly.

    I've now had to do yet another factory wipe & clearance of the cache and start all over again, to add insult to injury, they took my Extended Battery Kit off & replaced it with a bog standard battery & cover, this has just cost me
  10. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

  11. JR866Gooner

    JR866Gooner Well-Known Member

    I have carphone warehouse build of ics. Im on LPS firmware i hear LPG mentioned a lot, is that a newer build? Will that have some issues ironed out?
  12. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    LPG is indeed a much newer build and, IMHO, a lot better than LPS.
  13. JR866Gooner

    JR866Gooner Well-Known Member

    Hmm is this easily available in much the same way i obtained LPS? I installed via odin so i guess it will be the same kind of md5 file?
  14. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    How do you do wipe clean on a non rooted phone?
    I would do it if it's possible
    Maybe a hard reset?.
  15. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    I think you just need to factory reset. There is also an option to wipe cache if you press Home+Power+Vol up to get into the main menu settings.
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  16. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    See post #1.
  17. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    Did the hard reset using the power, home and volume up buttons, when I got back into my phone there were still files on the internal storage that I thought should have been wiped also.
    So I went to backup and reset in settings and did a reset again also deleting internal usb storage, this worked and there are no signs of previous files.
    All good again, tried my streaming Bluetooth on the way home from work for 20 mins using poweramp and all went fine. Got a 3 hour drive tomorrow so will test more but looking good at the minute.
    Thing that surprised me though was some local files were not deleted initially when I did the 1st reset. Good to check this before sending it off for any repairs/software updates.

    As ironass said but make sure you back everything up that you need before wiping internal usb storage, you have been warned!
  18. dhanaiahk

    dhanaiahk New Member

  19. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    A handy app for backups, on un-rooted phones, is, "MyBackup", and, "MyBackup Pro", from the Play Store.
  20. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Finally updated to ICS. Took a long time but I am the type of person that studies as much as I can to know what needs to be done, problems, how to prevent and resolve them before doing it. Its called research and I think its a good idea to know what you are getting into before doing something and getting into all sort of problems, and then bitching bout it... So here's my take;

    1) Pre update:
    a) Backup up messages with Kies and other apps.
    b) Backup contacts with Google and Kies
    c) Downloaded an app to backup apps. This changes your apps to APK file so you don't have to download them again.
    d) Get an app that can backup your save games (like Angry Birds) so you don't have to go through them again.
    e) Copied (nearly) everything in the USB storage and microSD card to the PC. The gameloft games data are in their folders. Copied them so won't have to redownload all the data (which is in the GBs) again.
    f) Clean the phone. Wipe cache, factory reset the phone, format USB and microSD.

    2) Firmware Update
    a) Used Kies. Smooth like butter now. Fast too. Surprised me actually. Guess Samsung is getting their act together.
    b) Updated to LP9. A day later, further 30MB OTA update was received. Better stability and simple too. Now its LPA.

    3) Post Update
    a) Restore contacts and messages. Calender couldn't restore via Kies.
    b) Restore the apps with the same app that was used to backup the apps in the first place. Only 2 apps had problem. Also got to omit some of my junk and apps that was never used. Clear up some useful memory too.
    c) Copied all necessary files back into the phone. My Lets Golf 2 and Fifa had its progress as it was.
    d) Restore my progress in Angry Birds
    e) Redo my settings. Knew it would take awhile and was prepared for it.
    f) A few apps was updated.
    g) About 200MB+ additional data downloads only.
    h) Played around with other launchers and ICS themes.

    4) Final thoughts
    a) ICS is smooth. Fast too.
    b) Wifi is better. Last time I can detect say 3 wifi connections, now can detect 5.
    c) GPS is better too. More accurate.
    d) Battery really sucked after update. But that was expected as it needs to be calibrated. Believe it will get much better after a few charges.
    e) Charging via USB seems slower than under GB.
    f) Samsung Apps was updated and interface is much nicer now.
    g) ICS folders is much better than stock GB.
    h) Still going back to Go Launcher though. More customizable than other launcher even Apex. I didn't like the icons being so big. Go Launcher could resize the icons. But did notice Apex and TW is smoother than Go Launcher.
    i) A bit of problem with PowerAmp. Its appearing as a wakelog issue now.

    Other than that, I expect the ICS to be improved as we go along. After all, its already up to LPG I believe.

  21. reza707

    reza707 New Member

    Hey i updated my cell to ICS 4.0 by an authorised Samsung Service Centre but before i had just taken its backup via Kies ( no factory reset ) . After the update i found that the cell still contained old music n data so when i tried to restore its backup via Kies it failed !
    What am i suppose to do nw to restore the data back ?
  22. icedtea

    icedtea Well-Known Member

    have 4.03, and the battery is really. . .grrrr it just reaches 24 hours standard. . to 2 days standard. max of 3 days. considering i just use wifi for about 5 mins. everyday. more of SMS only per day. .. ; hope they can find a way out to this.
  23. wales2502

    wales2502 New Member

    I have read with interest many of the posts which discribe the problems experienced by many once they have upgraded.

    However, I have spent most of the weekend trying to get Kies to upgrade my phone, without any success.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled Kies from the Samsung website about 5 times, without success. It gives me many different errors including cant provide service, can't connect....sometimes it goes through download of 1st bit and then fails, sometimes completes first download and seems to timeout when performing the second bit!

    I have picked up that perhaps I should do a factory reset on my fone before even starting to think about doing the download and ensuring I have backed up everything I need.

    There has been mention of disabling firewalls etc on my PC...how do I do that? Could this be part of the problem?

    Is there anyone out there who can give me step by step instructions on what I should do on both fone and PC? including getting the latest version...LPA v LPG...I really would like to try and get my fone on Ice Cream.

    An idiots guide please!!?
  24. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums wales2502! :)

    It would appear that you can at least connect to Kies which means that you have the necessary drivers installed.

    As per post #1, I would recommend a Factory Reset.

    It has been known for the computers Firewalls and antivirus systems to unterfere with Kies operation.

    There is an excellent, step-by-step, guide, by rozel, that covers the installation of ICS, LPG, using Odin instead of Kies. See, here

    You can also get more information and a video of the procedure under, "My firmware is not eligible for ICS yet but I want it now!", in post #1, here.
  25. MrGloverLover

    MrGloverLover Member

    A handy app for backups, on un-rooted phones, is, "MyBackup", and, "MyBackup Pro", from the Play Store.

    I downloaded MyBackup but can't open it as my S2 freezes every time because of the ICS issues! Ironic eh?

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