Firmware Upgrade Issues- Galaxy S GT 19000

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  1. pulse90

    pulse90 Member

    Hi, I am very new to this and not that savvy with the technical side of things (lol).
    I have the Galaxy S GT 19000 on O2 contract. I am constantly checking for updates on Kies, but it states that none are available, although I see that most others have upgraded their firmware? Mine is still 2.3.3 :-((
    Also when I go to software update on the phone, it still tells me that there is no other update. If I update through other means, and something goes wrong, am I not invalidating my warranty with the phone? I have 1 more year with this one left on my contract with O2. Any advice will be gratefully received as I am getting fed up with the current firmware.

  2. treesurfer78

    treesurfer78 Member

    I have the same problem - Apparently Android 4.0 (ICS) is available on O2, but whenever I go into Kies it states that I have the latest firmware which is still Android 2.3.4. Annoyed.
  3. j.r.nunn

    j.r.nunn New Member

    The exact same thing is happening for me.
    Did you guys solve this one yet?
    Also - for anyone who has done it, is it worth it? I've heard there are a few bugs at the moment, so not sure it will be worth it.
  4. pcdee

    pcdee New Member

    I'm also interested in this........

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