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  1. uzee

    uzee Well-Known Member

    I will be getting my Xperia X10 soon.

    What advice would you give in terms of when first first turning the phone on? Whats should i lookout for? What tasks should i perform first? Anything to watch out for etc?

  2. KingDong

    KingDong Well-Known Member

    Go to the market and download a task manager to free up space, i heard juice defender increases battery time by a nice noticeable bit but I've never really tried it. Also get the HTC keyboard.
  3. Crash27

    Crash27 Well-Known Member

    You may also want to grab a few handy apps like Handcent SMS, MyLock, Google Googles, Bar Code Scanner and most definitely a File Explorer and Task Manager, The ones I use are from EStrongs and they work amazing. It all depends on what you do with your phone, Everyone has different preferences and likes to set it up the way they like, You will have tons to choose from with the market.
  4. aodmisery

    aodmisery Well-Known Member

    handcent sms is a must
  5. uzee

    uzee Well-Known Member

    what does handscent sms do?
  6. aodmisery

    aodmisery Well-Known Member

    its just another text messaging app, but its way better than the one the phone comes with
  7. powerkiter

    powerkiter Well-Known Member

    I have to ask why is handcent better than the stock sms app? I have downloaded it and think it looks like a second rate app and very unpolished.I can send, receive and write sms messages with sony's stock app so what am I missing?

    So far swype and zimly are the only apps I have downloaded that had made me go wow and made my phone experience nicer.
  8. MrVeezo

    MrVeezo Member

    Ok so I can tell you a bit what you could need or just want, Ive got mine since a week after it has arrived in shops.

    New Guide to x10 Users

    JuiceDeffender - Must Have!
    JuiceDefender saves battery power (lots of it!) by controlling the mobile data connection, WiFi, Background data, Auto Sync and other battery-hungry components

    Advance Task killer - Must Have!
    @infoOne click to kill applications running background. This one is faster than free version. Features: click to select or unselect the app, long press to activate pop-up menu, Menu>Settings>Notification bar icon, AutoStart Ignore.

    EStrongs Task Manager - Must Have!
    Save Battery,Free Memory,Kill
    task,close everything,Uninstall app,Speed up phone

    Swype - Must Have!
    Swype, the gesture-based typing tool that makes cellphone text input much, much faster.

    Smart Monitor -Recommended!
    *App Task Manager:
    (Clear Cache,Kill Process)
    *CPU, Memory usage of System and single App
    *Net Counter:WiFi, 3G, EDGE traffic & alert
    *Battery Widgets
    *net status,IP
    *WiFi ON/OFF, signal
    *setting:Sound, Display, WiFi

    Barcode Scanner
    Scan barcodes on CDs, books, and other products, then look up prices and reviews, or search for a word in a book and find where it occurs. You can also scan QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, calendar events, and more. Features: contact sharing, improved QR Code decoding, and added Chinese translation.

    Meridian - Recommended!
    Meridian Player Android App is one of the best multimedia players for Android yet! Couples music player with video player, something not offered with the vanilla install on the T-Mobile G1 or Android phone. Meridian Player can playback the following formats: MP3, OGG, MP4, and 3GP.

    @Solution for Battery performance
    Keep you 3G off, don't need it don't use it!
    Discharge your phone completely and charge fully and you will see when battery will lasted much longer.

    Please rate and thank me if I helped you, I hope I did :)
  9. aodmisery

    aodmisery Well-Known Member

    one of the main reason is sending a message to many people on the stock sms app is a huge hassle. out of all the other sms apps handcent is the best imo
  10. JDwan

    JDwan Well-Known Member

    I also find its ability to allow for individual text notifications for different contacts a nice addition as well as the stock cannot do this at all. I agree though that other than these features (and a few others), I would just have stuck with the stock app myself.
  11. Tri3Dent

    Tri3Dent Member

    Another point is that the handcent app doesn't fit the X10 theme. It's so iPhone style!
    If only there is a plugin or mod that could add those features without changing the style, that would be awesome.
  12. powerkiter

    powerkiter Well-Known Member

    OK I have not done a multi message since January and it snowed so I multi text some mates to grab their boards and hit the hills, but surely the stock app gives notification as you get a notification in the bar at the top of the screen and when I open the stock message app any new messages have a green bar next to it to show what's new or am I missing something again? :)

    But I'm with trid3nt that they have copied the iphone and if I wanted that I would have got the iphone :)
  13. uzee

    uzee Well-Known Member

    Normally i think we are supposed to charge the phone battery for a full 24hrs as soon as we get it.

    Should i first drain the battery first down to 1% or something first?
  14. Finde

    Finde Member

    You can change the look of hancent from iPhone style...
    Settings - Bubble settings - Conversation style and then you can choose between Handcent classic, Handcent, iPhone or Android.
  15. powerkiter

    powerkiter Well-Known Member

    Yes I know but even with the other skins it still looks very rough graphical wise, if they polished up the graphics it would be nice :)
  16. Finde

    Finde Member

    Personally, I think it looks perfect. I think you are after a miracle.
  17. TheManWithAPlan

    TheManWithAPlan Well-Known Member

    I prefer chompsms but everyone has there own opinions lol

    maybe try music junk if your a music fan.. Allows you to listen and download songs.. seemz to have all the latest music i've typed in!!

    Also rock player.. Allows you to play divx, avi's and more (good quality no lag)

    Hope it helps!!
  18. uzee

    uzee Well-Known Member

    How would i exactly keep my 3g off? 3g is normal net speed comprehend to wifi yes?

    thanks for your help.
  19. uzee

    uzee Well-Known Member

    can you provide links to both apps please, i cant find them on the android zoom website.

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