First generation Android Tabeo woes...

  1. 5fdprox

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    Hey all, okay so my daughter whos seven owns a first generation tabeo.. Santa got it for her and Santa's warranty just expired.. This is my problem.. On the tabeo tgeres no google playstore and you have to download tabeo apps which are crappy for a 4.1 (i think) android tablet.. So i started to install games thru an external sd card. Worked fine for a year or so then all of a sudden the battery would get hot, then id get stuck in a bootloader and it would say its charging without being plugged in. I returned it a total of 6 times to be fixed or in this last case, got a new one.. So it happened again, boot screen comes on, battery hot etc.. So is there softeare i can flash similar to odin that will bring me back to stock or maybe a deodexed version.. I dunno.. I have experience with root and custom roms so if theres a way to maybe fix this i could try it.. Thabks for any input on this one


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