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  1. teo72

    teo72 Member

    Very good phone. Totally waterproof (tested). Essentially a Xperia S with microSD slot and made waterproof. Cool Stand included in box. Only slight irritation is the home butten I often hit by accident when writing sms (lessens with practise, hehe) Battery OK, only had the phone for 3 days. Battery probably needs a few more days before it reaches maximum capasity. Fantastic Camera. Very Solid buildquality, and naturally a bit heavy (147 g)

    SAR Head: 1.05 W/kg, Body:0.83 W/kg

    For full specs list check out phonearena.

    Very happy with the phone so far. Absolutly no problems, neighter hardware nor software related :D

  2. kumar abhishek

    kumar abhishek Well-Known Member

    I am waiting for it to launch in india :eek:
  3. teo72

    teo72 Member

    Also the Active noice cancellation system which is built in works great. I was driven by a friend the other day, when another buddy called me up, and he refused to believe I was in a car...
  4. The-Stig

    The-Stig Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if this will come to the UK?

    Also, teo72, can you elaborate on what your waterproof test was please, what did you do to it?

  5. teo72

    teo72 Member

    The way I tested the waterproof claim is that I filled the sink with water and dropped it in. Fully submerged. Then took it out, and it still worked fine. The phone also has wet finger tracking, but the screen does not respond to touch under water (understandably).
  6. The-Stig

    The-Stig Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the report!

    Are you in the UK?
  7. teo72

    teo72 Member

    I live in Norway
  8. jasmoonee

    jasmoonee New Member

    After a week of owning, I would say it's ok.
    Not the huge step forward I expected after a Samsung Galaxy Ace.
    Screen is better, but no better than my sons itouch.
    Can take up to 5 secs for the phone keypad to come up, one of the main reasons I became frustrated with the ace, & it has minimal apps on it.
    Sony don't seem to have anywhere near the settings of Samsung, but maybe it's learning the sony way I need.
    It's waterproof, which is why I bought it, but would consider looking at the GO in retrospect, as it's less than half the price.
  9. kenwchan

    kenwchan Member

    Hi, am just wondering if you would be able to use the camera button underwater?

  10. jasmoonee

    jasmoonee New Member

    Yes, I can use the camera,with button only, not touchscreen underwater. Didn't really buy if for that but it works. Would include pics, but do you really want to see the inside of my sink? So only camera button, no adjustments, only auto focus etc.
    But I am starting to like it more hehe.
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  11. The-Stig

    The-Stig Well-Known Member

    i'd quite like to see the inside of the sink if poss!
  12. MarcNL

    MarcNL Member

    I'm about to buy mine. There is just ONE thing I want to know: what languages does it support? Most Android devices list a heap of languages and territories, but you'll never know.

    Specifically I want to know if it supports Dutch (called "Nederlands" in the language menu). If it does, I order it the moment I've read your reply! (that is, if it indeed does, of course ...) :)

    ~EDIT~ Never mind, got it already! :D
  13. Frentis

    Frentis New Member

    I own it for a week now. Everything works fine, except for 2 things that bothers me regarding the waterproof ability. My Acro S camera automatically zoom to maximum when I submerge it. But I don't think it's because the pressure. I tried it in my tub for 4-5 inches from the surface. Another thing is the wet finger tracking. It doesn't respond that good. It tends to "works" by itself and often mis-responds my touch. When I click on certain menu, it goes to other menu which completely wrong menu. Do you think I should bring it back to Sony? I'm affraid it's a hardware failure. Thanks.

    Jakarta, Indonesia
  14. MarcNL

    MarcNL Member

    I have a waterproof Sony camera (TX5) and it too doesn't respond well to touch under water. That's why it has hardware record and zoom buttons. If you slowly submerge your screen then the surface of the water acts like a finger swiping the screen. Mind you, Sony sells this as a phone that can be used in heavy rainfall, not for scuba diving so to speak.

  15. Paul in NM

    Paul in NM Member

    How's the camera IQ compared to the Arc S?
  16. MarcNL

    MarcNL Member

    My Xperia soft-keyboard seems to be incompatible with Chrome browser.
    When I type a word, the last letter is repeated. When I use word prediction, the whole word is repeated.

    Something like this:
    Myy XperiaXperia softt-keyboardd seemss too bee incompatibleincompatible withh Chromee browserr.

    Two solutions to this: either use the Android browser, or another installed keyboard (I use Thumb Keyboard which I had previously bought for my tablet).

    Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  17. MarcNL

    MarcNL Member

    Jelly Bean (4.1) has been officially announced for the Acro S!

    (But first the T, TX and V get it, mid Q1 2013, so it will take a while before we get it for ours)

    Continuing Android software upgrades – Jelly Bean for 2012 Xperia
  18. MarcNL

    MarcNL Member

    Sometimes YouTube crashes, causing some lines in the notification area on top of the screen. I would have to reset my phone to get it working again ...
  19. hEUgE65

    hEUgE65 New Member

    Hi, I've had my arco-s for 2-3 months now. I had a X-10 for a little under 3 years. I got it for it's ruggedised features although I'm not brave enough to test it I'd rather it performs when needed to and not force the issue, so to say. All round the performance is better, the keys at the bottom sometimes need a second and thrid tap to go back or home, etc but I'm alright with that if that's what's required for it to survive a dunking. The camera and video quality are astonishing even the x10 was great.

    I think what I'd like to see in this forum is a few more tips and tricks. I tend to follow rather than lead!
  20. hEUgE65

    hEUgE65 New Member

    Actually yes, the desktop charger is awesome. I haven't seen any playback problems as yet and my youtube seems to work fine but I might put it through it's paces. I tend to use a couple of other players like MX player rather than the native player. I found MX worked great for the X10 and I've yet to find fault with it on the arco s. By far my favorite app is google skymap and the bigger screen ticks that box.
  21. VHnunes

    VHnunes New Member

    Im having the same problem. Did you solve that? Thanks
  22. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums VHnunes :) the user you are asking hasn't been back to the forums since he posted that reply nearly a year ago. But I'll try to help you.

    You might want to ask the manufacturer if that is a known problem, or if you are still under warranty, get a replacement.
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