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First Impressions by mobile-reviewGeneral

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  1. R4yleigh

    R4yleigh Member

    Hi folks
    i found a little preview on mobile-review.com and i think it is quite good to get first impressions but i dont know how reliable mobile-review is as a source

    Mobile-review.com LG Optimus Black: First Impressions

    at the end of the article the price is stated for 350

  2. jinwons

    jinwons Well-Known Member

  3. R4yleigh

    R4yleigh Member

    It seems like the viewing angles arent that good on the optimus black compared to the samoled display :/

    by the way the black can already be pre-ordered on the german amazon site, although i think the price tag is still not final because it alsmost cost as much as the 2x Oo
    LG P970 Optimus Black Smartphone 4 Zoll schwarz: Amazon.de: Elektronik
  4. Bmerz

    Bmerz Well-Known Member

    If AndroidSpin is correct, then T-Mobile will get the O-Black, and AT&T will get the O-2X.

    AndroidSPIN T-Mobile and AT&T to get new Android phones from LG?
  5. jinwons

    jinwons Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the link. They don't state the source of those cards they saw. So I'm not sure of their claim. But if it's true, AT&T seems to get two dual core phones this year, O-2X and Motorola Atrix. I personally hope 2X goes to T-mobile because it's the first carrier I am considering in case I'm leaving Verizon in the future.
  6. Andood

    Andood New Member

    This phone truly lives up to the hype when it comes to the screen brightness. The Super AMOLED looks hazy at best compared to this. But you cannot really compare the two. The Samsung S-AMOLED screen is a toatally different technology it purposely has a dimmer look as it kills the battery faster when there is more white on the screen. However on dark screens with lots of colour it looks great.

    The Nova display is more of an all rounder looks good when White and Dark and battery consumtion of the display is uniform across the board.

    A better comparison should be to the Retina display which uses the same ICD-LCD technology. and from what I have seen of both displays in the flesh. The Optimus Black surpasses the IPhone. Black does have the Mediocre 1GHz Processor but I hear it will be priced at a poin much lower that that of the IPhone and Galaxy S. Keep a look out for it on caps as low as the 29 ;)
  7. R4yleigh

    R4yleigh Member

    Does anyone know if the black has an hdmi output?
    some spec sheet say it has one but until now i havent seen it in any videos because none of them really got into the design Oo
  8. jinwons

    jinwons Well-Known Member

    There was a post on phonearena.com comparing Optimus Black to Galaxy S and it was apparent that black background color was O-black's major weakness compared to super AMOLED. Black color on O-black was grainy, noisy looking whiel Galaxy S's black was absolutely black. It's funny because this phone's name is Black. But for white and other colors O-black was very nice.

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