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  1. thesnake505

    thesnake505 New Member

    hay guys, this is my first post so please be really kind, i have a p500 i have had for a few months, and this evening i managed to update it to version 2.3.3 how ever i am on the orange network and the phone is a t mobile one i unlocked,

    so is there a stock unbranded 2.3.3 firmwire i can use instead? if so were can i get it? ;-)

    cheers snake

  2. FD1999

    FD1999 Member

    Search in XDA, there are the firmwares and the links to download. I don't remember where it is, but I think it's in a guide on how to unbrick the LG-P500 and you can install that firmware using KDZ. But I do not recommend to use KDZ or use it carefully, otherwise you may hardbrick your phone, then you can not turn on your phone, just black background. You can not boot into recovery nor emergency or offlin charging. If this is happened, the only way is to change motherboard (or maybe mainboard) or go to LG Center if it's under warranty.
  3. jflarin

    jflarin Member

    Officially, I prefer to 'fix' my phone myself. However, at 1.67$ on ebay, I purchased an unlock code (the seller name starts with "un" and end with "on", I can send you the link through private message if you need it). It is not worth my time to find the code myself.


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