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First replacement on the way...General

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  1. I just got off the phone with VM due to a problem with the power button on my Reverb. It stays recessed, causing the phone to go into a boot loop.

    According to customer support, they'll be sending a "class A" replacement.

    I know from reference that some Galaxy S2 and Nexus have the same problem. Hopefully this is just a one in a million case.

  2. Darkest Era

    Darkest Era Member

    Actually, I'm having the same issue. So its a bit more that one in a million type of issue. And I've only had this phone for a week. /:
  3. Zimfan

    Zimfan New Member

    Made an account to detail that I had the same problem, and my replacement comes in tomorrow. Really sucks because this device is perfect aside from the power button snafu
  4. Lilkidmom

    Lilkidmom Member

    Mine seems to stick a little if I don't press it right in the center. If I hit it on the ends, it sometimes sticks a little bit. Took it back to Radio Shack where I bought it and they acted like I was abusing it or something. They sprayed some contact cleaner on it. It seems little better now, but I'm trying to be very careful when I press it and also very gentle. I am keeping an eye on it and we'll see. The HTC Evo I exchanged for this one was even worse. I think Radio Shack just didn't want to exchange another phone for me after I returned the Evo, plus they probably already knew the Galaxy S II was coming out. Oh, well, I do like this one a lot. It is a replacement for my trusty but over crowded Optimus V.
  5. That's how they roll sometimes. Keep a close eye on it and demand a replacement or a refund if it keeps doing it.

    The replacement VM sent me was in good working order and haven't had any problems with the button.

    I think there's a way to map a different button to turn on/off the screen, but I don't feel like rooting my phone just yet.
  6. GoCrew

    GoCrew Member

    Same problem for me. My wife has one and now we are concerned she is sitting on a timebomb. Did you have to send your old one back to them? I am concerned about my personal data since I can't turn it on to wipe it.
  7. I was able to boot once and factory reset the phone. So, no private info stayed.

    About returning the original phone, the answer is yes. They send you an envelope to return it. If they don't get it back, they will suspend your service.

    Honestly, I was hoping to be the only one with the problem 'cause this is a very good phone. Seeing more people with the same issue indicates that this is a manufacturing defect on at least this batch. My recommendation, be very gentle!
  8. KOAM

    KOAM Well-Known Member

    Have you tried plugging it into the computer via USB? Not sure if that would work, but there's a slight chance it might power it on.

    If that doesn't work and you're worried they won't wipe it correctly then you can just change your Google account password, which will keep them out of the phone entirely if you have a pin/password/pattern screen lock. If not then at least it'll keep anyone out of Gmail, Google Voice, Calendar, etc.

    Also change the password to any financial apps you had too (Mint, etc). That should minimize any damage in the off chance anyone tries anything at the warehouse, which is probably a long shot in the first place.
  9. Eggplanto

    Eggplanto Member

    I'm glad I found this forum. I've had the Reverb for only 10 days now and for the last 2 days there has been several times where my phone appeared to be stuck in a boot cycle. Usually, I would just see the "Samsung" text appearing/disappearing. Perhaps my phone also has a sticky power button.

    Now that I know what is probably causing the problem, I'll see if I can live with the flaw and fix it as needed. Besides this one annoying problem, the Reverb is an awesome phone.

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