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  1. rritter

    rritter Well-Known Member

    The Samsung Proclaim is my first smart phone and I couldn

  2. mynamestiki1

    mynamestiki1 Active Member

    I just got one too. Its my second smart phone. I upgraded to the proclaim from the optimus net. I ADORED that lg. But sprint is tiny and their data speeds are terrible. And going from an 800mhz to a 1000mhz processor makes a huge difference. But yes, this phone is awesome. If this is a midlevel device I would love to experiment with a high end one.
  3. rritter

    rritter Well-Known Member

    Coming up on two months with my Proclaim and it is still running great. I got a chance to play with an S3 and there is a huge difference in size but compactness of the Proclaim has its advantages if you carry it on a belt clip as I do. I
  4. mynamestiki1

    mynamestiki1 Active Member

    Indeed it kicks butt.
  5. chevyike

    chevyike New Member

    i myself just got a proclaim as well, for my first smartphone i am very impressed with it.
    use the foxfi app to connect to my laptop.
    there really is a app for everything it seems.

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