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  1. clynnx

    clynnx New Member

    I just bought the xoom yesterday, and am in love! I have had the droidx since a few days after release so I'm not totally new to the android thing but definitely don't know everything or anything close to it, but I'm wondering what were the first things you did to your xoom after you got it? Apps? Protection? Anything. :)

  2. Binglut9

    Binglut9 Well-Known Member

    I arranged my home screens how I wanted them then I looked for apps specific to honeycomb and set up all my accounts etc
  3. Big Calhoun

    Big Calhoun Well-Known Member

    Hard reset.

    I got mine launch weekend and as soon as I put Pulse on there, it started force closing. Didn't care about the music so I decided to hard reset. Been running like a champ since. My coworker got his a few days after me and he's been having some issues since. I'm trying to get him to push the buttons (read: hard reset).

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