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First use - how to put SIM card...

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  1. Tyla

    Tyla New Member

    Hey, I bought HTC Tattoo, it's my first phone like that. The instruction is in german, and I can't understand it. So I have really stupid q: How to put SD card and SIM card? Do I need to charge the battery for full first? Please help.
    Maybe english instruction anyone? Geez, it's big problem for me. Thanks for help:)

  2. dark1ro

    dark1ro Well-Known Member

    Hi Tyla, and welcome to the forum. First you have to take the back case of and than the battery. After you took the battery out, you will see a metalic stand where you cand put the sim. The SD card goes on the left side of the phone (lower left, phone facing down), you will se there an open space , you will take the SD card (face down, the wrighting up) and put it in there, when it's introduced corectly you will hear a click. After that put de battery back and the case.

    You will find the User Guide here :
  3. Tyla

    Tyla New Member

    Thanks for welcome and help:) I made it, yay! ;) Thank you again
  4. LadyM

    LadyM New Member

    Thanks for this info. I got my phone yesterday and although I still can't get the back off I'm enjoying using it now I've got some instructions!

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