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  1. Kappy

    Kappy Well-Known Member

    I am an avid fisherman and love the outdoors and fishing/hiking etc. I don't have an android phone yet, but are there any apps that help people who fish like me? Perhaps fish marking (like a GPS/fish finder) information on fish species, moon times/phases, barometric pressure, etc.

    I'd like to be able to mark different fishing locations when I am out on the boat or in the river. Also log information (water temp, weather conditions, bait used, etc).

    Thanks in advance for the help. As I mentioned, I don't have an android phone yet. I am currently waiting to upgrade to the N1 or incredible so I don't know what all is available in the app store or marketplace. To be honest, I am a n00b with the android stuff so I don't know much about it at all. Thanks!

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  2. Rjohnjr

    Rjohnjr Active Member

    I, too, am an avid fisherman and, to my way of thinking, the best app for fishing is a car or 4x4 -- someplace to lock the phone up, out of sight and out of mind, while I am on the water. I prefer not to be distracted by phone or email while I am doing more important things like fishing. And, in a lot of the places I prefer to fish, there is no signal anyway.

    Second best, of course, is an absolutely waterproof bag or case for the phone. That lets me stash it away in an equipment bag and not worry about damage to the phone -- since phones NEVER get along with water -- but I still have access in an emergency.

    But to address your actual question, I have not run across any android apps specifically related to fishing. However, you do not have to wait until you have a phone to start your search. You should be able to search for android apps via your computer using this site: - Browse the Android Market and download all available applications and games

    Hope this helps.
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  3. Kappy

    Kappy Well-Known Member

    Awesome man, thanks a lot!! I didn't know that!
  4. Bill

    Bill Well-Known Member

  5. gruss

    gruss Well-Known Member

    Seems like any geocaching or similar programs would do the same thing for you, you would just say "fishin hole" instead of "box of useless crap for someone to find ;) "

    I have a moon phases widget on my phone also free, GPS status gives you a compass elevation etc. should be able to tag pics with coordinates and look for a map program that will let you download ahead of time incase you are going to be somewhere with no cell service. I'm sure you can make these things work for ya, thts just off the top of my head and I haven't fished in a loooong time.
  6. NCKK

    NCKK Well-Known Member

    I've never actually used this, but it was pointed out to me on a hunting forums that I frequent. The app called My Tracks...

    It's looking to be pretty freakin' sweet, if you ask me. I used to use GPS status, and Google Maps, but after finding this, I have switched.

    You can upload your maps to Google Docs, or Google Maps, which may help, considering what you could do with them once on your computer?!?!

    Best I could do for a link... Is there a better one?

    My Tracks for Android
  7. Kappy

    Kappy Well-Known Member

    THanks a lot!!
  8. Kappy

    Kappy Well-Known Member

    awesome, thank you!
  9. Kappy

    Kappy Well-Known Member

    awesome stuff guys. Thanks a lot!!
  10. dirtmouth

    dirtmouth Well-Known Member

    Fishing My-Cast
    i had this when i had the boulder from verizon....need to see about getting it for the eris .
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  11. fishingpilot

    fishingpilot New Member

    I've been using Fish Tracker for a while. I really like that I can just press buttons to enter length, pounds, and ounces without having to use the keyboard. The only time i needed the keyboard was to enter a location. The fish list in the new version is empty to begin with but there's a button on the options screen to load defaults into the fish list, a bunch of them! I also like the Google maps integration.
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  12. jlb532

    jlb532 New Member

    By far the BEST app out there right now for the Android is Fishin' 2 go.

    Seems there's easily over 100 species of (REAL) fish, programmed based on actual depth and setting. There are different lakes and bodies of water too. Extremely realistic...and most of all, FUN!
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  13. fishingpilot

    fishingpilot New Member

    Fishin' 2 go is a game and not an app to track actual catches. I think the thread was for apps that help real world anglers track/record real world catches. Fishin' 2 go is a great game, but a not real fish tracking app.
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  14. bassandbeer

    bassandbeer New Member

    Trackback - Fishing Edition
  15. PFisher

    PFisher New Member

  16. I have been developing an advanced fishing app for the android phone. I am an avid fisherman and a software developer, so I thought "Hey, why not make myself a sweet app and share with the world of fishing." It is called FishJournal and I am in the final stages of testing before public release. You can visit my website at FishJournal - mobile android fishing app.

    If you have any comments or features you would like, please let me know and I will do my best to add them as this will be a continuous project for me.
  17. sesmith

    sesmith New Member

    If you're fishing by boat, you can use Orux maps. You can get charts (for the larger lakes and coast) from NOAA, convert the format from bsb to jpeg (this takes a little work). You can then calibrate the charts in different zoom levels using the desktop application from Orux. Load the charts on your android device, and you have calibrated charts to use. Mark the points of your favorite fishing places and put appropriate notes in, and you're good to go.
  18. dawankler

    dawankler Well-Known Member

    That looks almost EXACTLY like something I was looking for the other day. The only other feature I would want is the ability to search for people/locations around my location. I know there's little public ponds and access areas all around me, but I never know about them until someone ends up mentioning it or I happen to come across a new place and see people fishing.
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  19. That is a great idea. Something as simple as a location tracker checkbox that a user can check if they want their GPS location published while the app is open. Then in the reports section, your could click View Others Near Me and find out if people are fishing some local ponds as you suggest. I will make a note of this and put it on the revision 1 work in process.

    Many have already visited my website and I thank you for that. I have to apologize that I don't have the application published their yet because I want to make sure I have as many bugs worked out as possible. I will make another post to this site when the app is ready for the public.

    Anyone interested in being a beta tester can email me ( or post on this thread. I am looking for a few people to give me some great feedback.
  20. Bassin4life02

    Bassin4life02 New Member

    How did you import NOAA charts? My father has a GPS in "our" newer bass boat but I do not want to spend the money to put a GPS on my older bass boat I use for fishing separate and for crabbing. I have NOAA charts pieced out and printed and just used general navigation on my blackberry to estimate everything. Now that I have the Thunderbolt, I want to use an Android app to essentially have a GPS. I thought I was rather tech savvy until I downloaded the Orux app and desktop app....

    If more convenient...a reply via email would be great.... bassin4life02 AT

  21. The first release of FishJournal is now available for download through my website. I plan on release the full version and free version on the Android Market later this week. For those who want a first glimpse and know how to install an apk on your phone, feel free to download FishJournal from my website.

    Download Now
  22. Now Available in the android marketplace. Just open the market on your cell phone and search for Fish Journal.
    Click for details!
  23. Walms

    Walms New Member

    you wanna try Boxfish. Its a fishing app on both Android and itunes. Its free and its mint, I use it everytime I go fishing im the 'cheif' on my local pond lol. Some nice fish get caught on there too. Heres the website:

    BoxFish app for iPhone and Android
  24. hooked82

    hooked82 Member

    I was in the same boat as the OP, so I decided to create my own. I've been working on it for the past 6-7 months and finally released it to the Android Market yesterday.

    It's got a lot of features like fish recording, weather, gps, etc. Hopefully others will find it as useful as I have already.

    Android Market - My Fishing Companion

    Lite Version:
    Android Market - My Fishing Companion

    Or search on your phone for "My Fishing Companion"

    Fish on!
  25. Gumper

    Gumper New Member

    I wanted a Fishing app that let me mark where I caught my fish so I could go back on future fishing trips. I wrote my own since I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. It lets you log the gps coordinates of where you caught your fish along with fish type, bait, size, etc and shows it on Google maps. It also has a website that optionally allows fisherman to share actual or approximate locations of where we caught our fish.

    You may want to try it, it works real well for me and I put it out on the Android market for free so that others may be able to use it. I hope you find it as useful as I have.

    Happy fishing!

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