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[Fix] Battery Drainage Issue, Make battery last Longer.Tips

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  1. raymerjacque

    raymerjacque Member

    Battery Drainage Fix :

    There is a Dialer bug in the Chacha that drains the battery, you can see this if you go to : "settings >about phone >battery >battery use". You will see it shows dialer usage at 97% and this is the MAIN reason your battery drains so quickly. do the following to fix the issue.

    The Dialer is the MAIN culprit of battery drainage.

    However if you wish to make your battery last even longer then i would HIGHLY recommend you install these 3 widgets, they are all small and take very little space on your phones desktop, and you can toggle each of them on/off with a single click :


    Brightness Widget


    trust me on the above, its works well.

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  2. haelewyn

    haelewyn Active Member

    These steps did wonders for me :

    1. Logged on to Google Mail and HTC Sense one time. It seems I used the same google account for two phones and for some reason this phone did not connect to the Google services always. So, i made a new Google account and used that one for the Chacha. No more needless tries to connect.. Less HTC Sense usage of the cpu and the battery.
    2. In applications, iactive services, i erased all ongoing processes that i thought were not necessary for me. Then in Applications, all applications, I searched for all social stuff and things i was sure i didn't need and stopped the service + deleted data.
    3. In Synchronisation, i stopped updating all programs on a time schedule base. I will just update all stuff manually whenever i need the data.

    HTC sense used to be on >20% batt usage, it's less than 2 % now.
    On a 9 hour sleep, the battery used about 5 % of its power. Sometimes even less than this and that makes a large improvement.
    Also installed Juicedefender and Battery Solo Widget (to see what's my battery is on exactly).
  3. raymerjacque

    raymerjacque Member

    There is no need to sit and do all of that tiering editing of settings, if you do as i say in the first post you will more than DOUBLE your battery life.

    I use my phone quite often and my battery currently as it stands now :

    On time since last Full Charge : 11H 56Mins 45s
    Battery Level Percentage : 44%

    And Im using nothing fancy, its a Stock Rom/Stock Battery with the above settings and widgets, and i mostly browse the net with opera mini, use whatsapp, google talk, check gmail, sms, O and I play some angry birds.
  4. haelewyn

    haelewyn Active Member

    Saving the battery power while you are not using the phone is essential.
    Using battery power while you use the phone is unavoidable.
    Your savings must come from the first thing. The second, you will not be able to save much on it.

    If you didn't benefit from my tricks, or didn't care to try or understand, i'm sure others can. I was having a problem with HTC sense draining the battery and i had to adress this problem. The USB debugging or the sound settings are not a problem on my phone. But all phones and problems are different.

    'Where's your droid power' can help you to decide what things use too much power. The standard phone information is misleading, not detailed enough so it's too far away from complete.

    After 24 hours and sending about 40 messages, using mobile internet, updating email, the battery power was still around 48% here.
    It can be done...

    JuiceDefender can stop some of the processes for you automaticaly. In case you forget to click the buttons to close f.e. wifi or network connection yourself.

    3G watchdog has a nice widget to close internet connection manually.
    WIFI manager has a nice one for the wifi connection. It's a nicer way to control wifi connections than the standard android way.

    Screen is a big power user, so switching the screen illumination as low as you can bare can save a lot of power too.
  5. raymerjacque

    raymerjacque Member

    The problem is that if you turn off all the syncing and htc sense stuff then you might as well throw the phone away and just buy a phone that can call and sms only.

    The reason everyone buys the chacha is because it is designed to sync all your accounts and has the online FB functions, ALOT of people use these features, and altho they do wear out the battery i still use them, except my phone wasn't lasting even half a day.

    I posted a battery drainage bug, if this bug doesn't apply to you then skip the thread. nonetheless, it is a BUG in the software that keeps the dialer active and if you do as the first post says you will get a full days use from chacha with all the bells and whistles working.
  6. haelewyn

    haelewyn Active Member

    I don't agree. I guess you are not alone with your view on what a smartphone should do or not. So am I..
    For me, it's quite ok if the Chacha shows me the mail, weather and other things whenever i need/want to see them. Not 20 times more since i last checked, while i was working, sleeping or doing something else. If you don't want to recharge your phone every day or even more, a lot of battery drainage can be saved by this 'trick'.. Do you let your car running in winter so it's nice and warm by the time you get in tomorrow ? Do you want to let your phone drain your battery while you are sleeping ?
    Whoever wants to be informed about his email 48 times a day, wants to know all nonsense other people write on FB and other stuff, wants to know the weather and stock exchange constantly, etc.. should try to live with the fact that the battery will not last a day. Or maybe he/she made a wrong buy with the Chacha.. It's not the best phone on battery strength but all smartphones are rather weak on this thing.

    Even though i never use facebook and i never intend to start using it, I still bought the chacha. I wanted an android phone, preferred htc to samsung and i wanted a full keyboard. There was only one phone to choose in fact. I know you are not alone with your opinion, I am not alone with mine either. All people can decide for themselves if they want to disable certain things or not. We don't have to decide it for them. But it can be useful enough to know what will be the reward to make the social updates at a time when you really want to read them and not 48 or more times a day.

    You posted a solution on how to save battery power. On how to avoid draining the battery. I reacted on that cause i thought the way i try to save battery power is succesful enough, not difficult to do (unless if entering the settings is freightening you so much) and a good suggestion for new users who often only read some of the posts and don't search too far in every forum available.
    I didn't take your advice, didn't change the settings you adviced. If it works for you, great ! I have good battery power without changing the settings like 'Disable quiet ring on pickup, Disable pocket mode and Disable flip for speaker'. These are nice features I would like to keep and my posts were just telling people there are other ways of saving on power if they want to keep this stuff, just like me.

    Forgive me for not taking your advice on skipping the thread (still not). As it's a part of the WWW, i don't consider it to be your privately owned piece of webspace in which i intruded. This attitude is seen too often on forums everywhere.

    Dialer : Many people tend to think it's a huge bug cause dialer often is reported to use half of the power and being idle is the other half of the battery power usage.
    Don't forget to click on 'dialer' one time after using your phone in an intense way. You will see almost every activity is counted under dialer. Also your internet connections f.e.
    What i mean is : when you use your phone, you are either making some connection with internet OR you are using it to make calls or send messages. When almost every activity is counted under the name 'dialer', the power usage is of course high. I think it's more misleading users than a bug.
    However Jacque : from my side : thanks for posting your comments and opinions to all users and for me too I guess. Every opinion is a useful one.. and no opinion is the complete truth and wisdom on its own.
    That's the last word i will write about this so here's your chance of having the first and the last word in this discussion. Enjoy ! :) >>>>>>
  7. raymerjacque

    raymerjacque Member

    Ah, but there in lies the difference between us.

    I bought the phone for the reason that with what i do, if someone sends a mail or message through whatever channels i must be able to reply quickly, so i must have access to the features around the clock, and not just when i check in 2 or 3 times a day. So its not optional for me to switch off all the bells and whistles.

    Which brings me to the point i am trying to make, this phone was designed for use to someone like me, and if you don't use these features in the way it was designed to be used, then maybe you purchased the wrong phone ?

    what is the use of buying a phone dubbed the "24/7 facebook, social media, messenger" cellphone when you just turn all of the features off ?

    I didn't intend this post to be a "prolong battery life" thread, god knows there are plenty of them around, I was simply reporting a bug and fix in the software that kept the dialer alive and as a result drains the battery and cuts the battery times in half, and you might not have the bug ( you are one of the lucky few ) but ALOT of people out there do have it, there is dozens of posts where people have complained about it, and it is a bug in the software, it has been reported and confirmed as such.

    So if my post is usefull then cool, if not then cool too ...
  8. comonURZZZ

    comonURZZZ New Member

    I totally agree - I'm now having to run my Cha Cha with TWO (yes TWO!!!) Spare batteries to get me through the working day whilst away from the desk.

    This, and the tiny memory issue makes what should be a great phone very very poor!

    If anybody know how to kill the DIALER let me know - I know what causes it (making a call) - but all I want is for the pre-call battery usage to be the same as it is post call..... I've even found a hard re-start with battery out does not always do the trick on my chacha.
  9. Android1

    Android1 Well-Known Member

    I tried this for 2 weeks but it didn't make any difference to the battery for me. I get about 36 hrs of battery life with/without this. I'm normally in wifi range though - I'm office based connected to wifi and connect to wifi at home.
  10. daniellopaz

    daniellopaz Member

    My Sales Dialer is best for users who work away from the office. My Sales Dialer consumes only 40% power comparing to other call dialers.
  11. bkhd

    bkhd New Member

    Hello guys I have got an application which could fix dialler service battery draining bug and also stop other not in use apps and services witch runs in background and draining battery
    now my chacha keep battery charge up to several days. i'll post it here soon from pc.
  12. raymerjacque

    raymerjacque Member

    Awesome, would be great full for such an app :)
  13. bkhd

    bkhd New Member

    yes that is amazing and works automaticaly and its free and not need to open app each time but when u connecte to internet networks it will advertise on notification baar

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