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[FiX] for all Xperia MiNi owners experiencing the OVERHEAT issue

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  1. rEcEivEr

    rEcEivEr Active Member

    root required

    This script should fix the mini overheat problem.
    Actually what it does is decrease the touch sensitivity of the two touch buttons.
    It won't make your phone run cooler though :)
    But the phone should be usable again. Meaning no random touch button activation, and exiting apps all the time, etc

    Download Gscript or Script Manager from android market
    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nl.rogro.GScriptLite&hl=en (GS)
    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=os.tools.scriptmanager (SM)

    Input the following script as ROOT:

    cyttsp_fwloader -dev $dev -fw /system/etc/firmware/$fw -verify_only
    sleep 5
    reboot -p

    Or just download the script

    You're phone will shutdown, so don't worry. Just turn it back on.

    And that should be it. It should be fixed now! :-D

    Original thread:
    {ST15}[Xperia mini] - Decrease Touchscreen sensitivity (Overheat Issue) - xda-developers

    NOTE: ICS does not have this bug. There's no need to run this script when running ICS ROMs.

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  2. angeloide

    angeloide New Member

    It works, first you have to root the phone then isntall superuser app and Gscript.. write the script and that's it
  3. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    Its not work for me! :(
  4. rEcEivEr

    rEcEivEr Active Member

    root needed
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  5. kostakis21

    kostakis21 New Member

    hi i have the same problem...i have to do the same things for my mini?
  6. rEcEivEr

    rEcEivEr Active Member

    well, if you have the same problem and you're rooted go ahead and try :)
    Worked for me. Now it gets up to 43C and no problems....
  7. nikthebig

    nikthebig New Member

    i want to thanks you. Becuasse that works graet and my phone had been fix
  8. torkin

    torkin New Member

    Hi i have executed the script and it went well i think, it shut down. But now the touchscreen is disabled :p i have flashed the software but it still the same, please help.

    rooted st15
  9. rEcEivEr

    rEcEivEr Active Member

    Weird... I've never heard of that happening.
    Try to flash firmware with flashtool and see if it works.
    Take a look at my guide under rooting section if you need help with that.
    I've also provided links to firmware downloads.

    After that try to flash you ROM of choice.

    Also, I'm running CM7.2RC2, which doesn't have this problem. So you might wanna try that.
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  10. torkin

    torkin New Member

    i already flashed the firmware with flashtool to build .368, the same as your links but it doesnt work.

    sorry for the question but i dont have much experience with android, what is
    so i hope you can help me, i cant use the phone (just link to computer)
  11. rEcEivEr

    rEcEivEr Active Member

    CM is short for cyanogenmod. A custom ROM.

    If re flashing doesn't solve it, it might be hardware related. I've heard of cases like yours where the touchscreen wouldn't work.

    You could try this firmware
    download SE PC companion if you haven't got it installed already.

    Find an option to repair/update device. I haven't used it in ages, so I can't remember the details....
    If that doesn't work, than it's definitely hardware related, and you should take to service.

    If you have an unlocked bootloader, download this Xperia_Relock_bootloader.ftf and flash it.
    It will re-lock your bootloader. Because warranty is lost if it's unlocked.
  12. torkin

    torkin New Member

  13. rEcEivEr

    rEcEivEr Active Member

    CM is awesome fast and by my opinion better then stock :)
    And so far I haven't had any overheating issues while running it.

    BTW- FXP kernels are battery inefficient. So you might wanna use Rage kernel for CM.
    My battery last a few days on it. And you have way more CPU governors to choose from. My recommendation is use smartassv2 or brazilianwax for best battery/performance.
  14. elius

    elius New Member

    I did everything step by step, in gscript new script added but my phone was not shutdown & didn`t solve problem. Now what to do....:confused:
  15. rEcEivEr

    rEcEivEr Active Member

    Try ScriptManager then.
    And be sure to run the script as root!
  16. dewindasilva

    dewindasilva New Member

    i have a experia x10 mini i phone,it has a falut when i cpture a photo with flash suddenly it turn off what is it? how can i fixed it.
  17. DjaxiLia

    DjaxiLia New Member

    I want to know about what will happen if I accidently input the wrong script.
    Please help me.. :(

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