Fix for contacts not being sync on gmail

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  1. ky90025

    ky90025 Active Member

    By default when you save a number in your rezound you save it under "phone" contact. You can manually select "google" contact so that it sync with google and is saved.

    Only way to change this default is by doing following.

    open people app
    hit top "phonebook bar" to get menu
    unselect all the boxes
    select only "google"
    hit back

    Now when you save a phone number it will be a "google" contact and will be sync and backed up on gmail. I lost a lot of number when switching phones because I didn'nt know the difference between "phone" contacts and "google" contacts.

    Thank you for the person who explained this in another forum.

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  2. ky90025

    ky90025 Active Member

    Can a moderator move this thread to the main rezound section. I didn't mean to post it in the root section.
  3. obscuro

    obscuro Well-Known Member

    You can also use to add them manually and sync back to your phone.

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