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Fix: Micro SD stuck in SIM slot (A How To)

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  1. Anruari

    Anruari Member

    I didn't know where to put this: it's applies to many models. It also applies to Micro SIM and Nano SIM cards pushed into slots for larger sims.

    I just got a Galaxy Note 2. I was transferring data and large SD Cards between a N8, a Desire HD, and the new Note 2.

    I accidentally put a 32GB mSD card into the SIM slot on my wife's old N8 that we were trying to extract all the old data from.

    I couldn't find a quick "How to" fix on google. so I worked it out myself... here's what worked. Other phones have differing slots... but the principles are similar.

    1) the N8 has 2 side accessed slots beside each other. the same logo is on the cover for each... but this is also possible on the Desire HD (but the slots are more clearly marked) and on other phones. The Note 2 makes this mistake difficult as the SIM slot is protected by the battery. (as on previous Samsung models)

    2) all SIM slots have metal springs that press against the electrical contacts on the sim. if something passes the spring, it pops up again, and stops the item being easily removed.
    3) DON'T FORCE IT. you will destroy the SIM slot.

    I just fixed this problem on the N8...

    you need:
    2 thin strong probes. I used to large safety pins.
    1 piece of thick card or plastic.
    1 pair of tweezers.
    1) the USIM / SIM slot in many phones like the N8 and other modern smart phones have small sprung electrical contacts that press up against the metal pads on the SIM. these rise up and create a "Non return" mechanism if a smaller item like a Micro SIM or Nano SIM is pushed into the slot . you must depress these springs as you draw out the SD card or smaller SIM.

    2) You must Grab the SD card from the sides using one or 2 thin strong needle probes. this is easier if they have a small 90 degree bend at the tip, but I did it with safety pins. One side of an SD card is flat the other is shaped. it`s easier to draw the card out by the shaped side, holing the flat side vertical with the other probe.

    3). Using the probes, draw the SD Card up untill it is touching the small springs, but dont pull against them.

    4) Insert the piece of card or plastic to depress the springs. Keep the probes in place while you do this. take care not to press it in further than it needs to go.

    5) now draw the SD Card out further so it is holding down the springs itself. and until you can grab it with a pair of tweezers.

    6) Withdraw it fully using a pair of tweezers. Check which slot is which before putting a card in next time (me too)

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  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Thanks for the how to, Anruari.

    I moved your thread to the Android Lounge where it could possibly better assist people. :)

    If you have an issue with this move please notify me via PM!
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  3. 2244arun

    2244arun New Member

    Dear Anruari,

    I recently bought a honor 6, huawei phone and my sim card got stuck in the sim card holder ( it was not cut in the right proportion). I went to the service centre and they also could not do anything about it and said the set would have to be sent to Delhi to get the sim out, the whole process to take atleast 15 days. But thanks to ur advice, I used safety pin and got the sim out, saving me a lot of trouble.

    Thanks a lot for ur post....
  4. rahulranjan674

    rahulranjan674 New Member

    Dear deepak
    I owned honor 6 today from flipkart and inserted nano sim instead of micro sim by mistake. now it got stuck.. Don't know what to do.. help me plz.

  5. 2244arun

    2244arun New Member

    See Rahul, my was a Normal sim. Then i sliced it from the edges to get the dimensions of a micro sim but it's width was little more so it got stuck. So i used the normal safety pins to pull it out. Then i again sliced it from the side and now it's a perfect fit.

    In your case i assume nano sim is even smaller than micro sim so i don't understand how it got stuck. May be the reverse spring action may have got locked. Have you tried the small sim card like piece given in the Honor box which is used to take out the sim.

    If you want you can try the normal safety pins but i would suggest you to go to a watch repairing shop as those people have very thin pin like instruments, they may help you. There is nothing else i could suggest of. Bye.

  6. petra5

    petra5 New Member

    hi Rahul, did you manage to take the nano card out? and if yes, how did you do it? I have the same problem.
  7. Johnpatd

    Johnpatd New Member

    Hi Deepak,

    Would you mind describing how you used safety pins to extract the sim please? I have a similar problem and would be really grateful if you could describe what you did.

    Thanks very much, John
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