[FIX] MMS on Android Revolution HD 2.01!

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  1. heythereitsv

    heythereitsv Well-Known Member

    This is an MMS fix for this EXCELLENT ROM by mike1986. on XDA. What Android Revolution HD is is basically a stock ROM, but prerooted with speed tweaks and fantastic battery life for this phone (this gets me through the entire day!). It's designed for people who like the stock HTC experience, but want some speed/stability improvements + debloat. For best results, install with 4EXT, HBOOT 1.57/1.58, and S-OFF.

    Here are the instructions to flash this ROM, fully working for our Evo V-

    1) Download the ROM and fix found here
    2) Boot into recovery
    3) Flash the ROM
    4) In the middle of the process, it should ask you if you want to keep Sprint apps, if you say no, this does not touch the HTC apps!
    5) After flashing this ROM, DON'T REBOOT!
    6) Go to mount menu on 4EXT
    7) Mount /system
    8) Punch in the following commands in ADB

    Code (Text):
    1. adb remount system
    2. adb push *where you put my fix* /system/framework
    9) Do a full factory reset (wipe data/cache/dalvik-cache)
    10) Reboot into Android Revolution HD!

    *posted with permission from mike1986.!*

    Some extra goodies to make this ROM even better! Flash these right after installing the ROM and pushing the fix for best results-

    -Camera Mod! Download the Sprint base version, works like a charm.

    -Google Now! I personally use M7, first one I tried, and seems to work fine.

    After flashing one/both of these mods, I suggest another factory wipe. Enjoy! ^_^

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  2. Piznick64

    Piznick64 Well-Known Member

    is this better than midnight or harmonia?
  3. notebooko

    notebooko Well-Known Member

    I'm also wondering this. Running Harmonia atm.
  4. BackHandLegend

    BackHandLegend Well-Known Member

    I may sound stupid but... I can't find the download link in xda...
  5. notebooko

    notebooko Well-Known Member

    It's on the first post under the changelog. Theres a huge heading that says DOWNLOADS and underneath theres a link that says
    Android Revolution HD 2.0.1 :p
  6. BackHandLegend

    BackHandLegend Well-Known Member

    Lol I wasn't logged in. Thank you :D
  7. flemolord

    flemolord Well-Known Member

    But doesn't MMS work differently on Sprint Roms than it does on Virgin Mobile Roms therefore MMS still wouldn't work on VM?
  8. sounreal

    sounreal Well-Known Member

    and its another sense based ROM so why would MMS not work in the 1st place.

  9. heythereitsv

    heythereitsv Well-Known Member

    Nope. MMS is broken on AOSP builds, but any Sense 3.6/4 builds work fine.
  10. heythereitsv

    heythereitsv Well-Known Member

    Sorry, missed your question. Honestly, the best answer I can give you is to try it out yourself. Nandroid, wipe, flash, test, and then restore if you don't like it xD
  11. Arkainian

    Arkainian Member

    Well, I've done everything mentioned, my phone is bootlooping. It spends about 20 seconds on the andriod animation screen, then reboots. I did do a factory reset.

    Should I have installed the framework included on the page above the rom download?
    Just didn't want to flash that without knowing I needed to, don't want a new paper weight.
  12. heythereitsv

    heythereitsv Well-Known Member

    What HBOOT are you on? And recovery? And are you S-OFF?

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