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  1. sayan8

    sayan8 New Member

    Hello Guys,

    Many of you have noticed there is a touch screen problem during Charging.I had the same problem too..So i took it to an nearby mobile store where i bought it...They checked it and found that the charger provided with this was faulty and it can damage the battery....So they changed the frequency from 5.4v to 4.7v...Now there is no problem during charging ....

    So take ur charger to an nearby electrical store and tel them 2 change the frequency of the charger to or less than 5v.............:D:D

  2. samsouyma

    samsouyma Well-Known Member

    hey for my a70 the same problem had after effects too when not charging but i smashed it on the ground got my touch replaced..
    now no problem at all whether i use any charger(samsung,nokia n97 etc)
  3. sameerg

    sameerg New Member

    I received my Funbook today and seriously i was very disappointed with the quality of accessories provided with it...i mean how can they provide such poor quality of charger.
    Thanks for the suggest..will try it out someday :)

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