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*FIXED* Defy reboots/resets/restarts every 2 minutesSupport

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  1. Woden

    Woden New Member

    I did a hard reset and my Defy started to reboot every minute or two. Very annoying. The fix is simple.


    1) Begin on the home screen. Press the menu button and go to Settings.
    2) Go to Privacy
    3) Select Factory Data Reset.
    4) Restart the phone. Don't use your old Motoblur account, the cache is corrupted and is causing the reboots. Create a new Motoblur account.

    This may not be the solution for every phone, but it will be for some. You may lose your address book/data in the process - it is a computer, EXPECT to lose your data periodically, and backup!

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  2. amazontrish

    amazontrish New Member

    Srsly if I could I would KISS YOU!
    You have no idea how long I've been dealing with the problems on my defy and my mobile carrier's response was to just send me a new phone. A new phone doesn't help if the problem is with the originating motoblur account I guess. This not only solved my rebooting problem but it solved my syncing problem and my email problem and the lagging and locking up problem... there's more... but you get the idea.
    Wish I had thought of it.
  3. oooopps

    oooopps New Member


    How did you figure this out??

    This majorly saved my arse considering I am still stuck with my Defy for several months before an upgrade.

    My Defy was rebooting like crazy (every other minute) and draining battery. The battery was so bad that I had to charge it at least 4 times a day to get by. I even purchased 2 brand new batteries which didnt fix the problem. All of this (the reboot and battery draining) were fixed after I factory reset and made a new Motoblur account as you've suggested.

    This was also after I had sent back 2 replacement phones from the Warranty department since the replacement phones they sent were going crazy too.

    Tmobile's tech people have been completely incompetent and useless. Thank God I found you!

    You are a life saver. Thanks so much for sharing! I have a working phone again!
  4. bengvall

    bengvall New Member

    Thank you!!! This solved the annoying rebooting for me aswell.

    Edit: Well, I spoke too soon. After half a day the phone started rebooting again.

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