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  1. Grahxen

    Grahxen Well-Known Member

    I fought with this damn update since late last night....

    FInally i have a solution that should work 99.9% for everyone who has this install error. This error is from either a rooted phone, a corrupted system directory or a previous update that didnt complete.

    Who would of thought bringing your phone back to stock even if it wasn't rooted would allow you to install froyo... While this was made mostly for people with rooted/modified samsung fascinates it also seems that the majority of people with no modifications to their phones can't upgrade to froyo because of the same error.

    If you were one of the people like me who tried everything to get the new froyo update to install but kept getting this dreaded message....
    and you tried everything, removing battery, hard reset etc and still didn't work then this fix is for you.

    This will flash the stock rom, kernel, modem, system files, and stock recovery. It will also format the data and cache. (IT WILL WIPE YOUR PHONE)


    Credit goes to adrynalyne For his hard work creating the original rom package!

    Download the Samsung USB Drivers for your phone if you already have not by either plugging in your phone via USB and following prompt to download driver or go here: Samsung

    This is assuming that step is already done.

    1. Download the Samsung Fascinate DI01 Rom from save this file to your desktop.
    Download Odin 3 1.3 from v1.3.exe save to desktop. (thank you to my hosting company for the space)

    2. Run Odin 3 on your computer. (to help with flashing issues run Odin as Administrator if using Vista or WIN7).

    3. Put your phone into download mode. (Power off the phone, remove the battery, plug the usb cable from your pc into the fascinate, press and hold the volume down button until the download screen appears.)
    Note: to help avoid flashing issues, please make sure to use the original USB cable that came with the phone and plug the cable into the rear USB ports if you have a desktop PC, DO NOT use a HUB!


    4. Verify that your phone is connected/detected by Odin. Look in the ID:COM seciotn, it should list a com port port #. Click on the PDA button and browse for DI01package3.tar on your desktop. After the file is selected click on START. AT this point it is replacing your damaged/rooted rom with the original Samsung Rom. This will flash the stock rom, kernel, modem, system files, and stock recovery. It will also format the data and cache.


    5. Once the flash is complete Replace battery and reboot the phone, if all is well you can now go into settings/about/System Updates. There should be about a 10MB file waiting to download. Go ahead and download and install this update, phone will reboot. When this update is finished you can repeat those steps to download the froyo 2.2 update and watch the magic happen.

    If you have problems with the flashing.. IE: Getting stuck on Factoryfs.rfs is the most common. Make sure you are running Odin as Administrator, using original Usb cable and plugged directly into your PC's USB port... No HUB.

    If problem persists, try another USB port, restart PC.

    You can also copy the update.zip file to your SD card so you dont have to wait for the long download. You can get the update.zip from here: [Updated: Download Link And Instructions] Just In: Samsung Fascinate ED01 Froyo Update Starts Early, Rolling Out Now | Android News, Reviews, Apps, Games, Phones, Tablets, Tips, Mods, Videos, Tutorials - Android Police

    Before you follow the instructions on that page to run the update.zip from sd card, make sure to update your phone after flashing it to the latest revision prior to froyo 2.2, or the froyo update will not run. As the 2.2 is an update, not a full release.

    EDIT: I just want to be clear... this WILL wipe your phone. SO back it up first if u need to save anything, or sync it.

  2. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Welcome to the forums - very nicely done!
  3. Grahxen

    Grahxen Well-Known Member

    Thank you, hopefully this will help some people so they dont have to sit on phone for hours or wait for a new phone.... :)

    2.2 working wonderfully on my fascinate!!
  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I've tipped Phandroid on your behalf to help get the word out. ;)
  5. Blue218

    Blue218 Well-Known Member

    Is this process safe? I can not be without a phone.....need for work etc.
    So just run these programs on the computer with the phone hooked up...no need to drag and drop etc.?
  6. Grahxen

    Grahxen Well-Known Member

    Yes, many people have used this same method to unroot their samsung fascinate.

    All its doing is copying the original oem samsung flash back to the phone and essentially giving you an out of the box software.

    Just follow my directions, it is very easy, but if you dont understand respond back.

    There is no dragging or dropping files, just download those files to your desktop, run the Odin (its a program) and follow the directions.

    I think hardest part for people is getting the phone in download mode.
  7. Blue218

    Blue218 Well-Known Member

    I'm in the middle of my 20 millionth try on the download...after numerous battery pulls, factory resets, etc. and if this doesn't take.....I'm goin for it.
  8. Grahxen

    Grahxen Well-Known Member

    Was your phone ever rooted?

    If your phone was ever rooted or any original apps were removed, it will cause this error.
  9. Blue218

    Blue218 Well-Known Member

    Never rooted.....no original apps removed...just running ADW Ex
  10. Grahxen

    Grahxen Well-Known Member

    And your getting this error UPDATE FAILED or INCOMPLETE. reason: IP_PREVIOUS_UPDATE_FAILED

    When it tries to install right?
  11. Blue218

    Blue218 Well-Known Member

    Yes exactly...lookin at this^ error now......I'm going to give this fix a shot.
  12. Grahxen

    Grahxen Well-Known Member

    k ill be awake for a bit, let me know how it goes... ANy questions ask!
  13. Blue218

    Blue218 Well-Known Member

    Cool thanks...I'm starting now
  14. Blue218

    Blue218 Well-Known Member

    I put the file into PDA and pressed start......and get this in lower left:
    <OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 0/ failed 0)
    Done? ready to unplug and install battery?
  15. Grahxen

    Grahxen Well-Known Member

    no, it doesnt seem like you put your phone in download mode.

    Make sure you follow those instructions... you need to pull the battery out, leave it out... hold volume down, plug in your USB cable while holding volume down.

    It will bring up the download mode screen.

    When you look in Odin, on the top left under ID:COM it will be yellow color and will have COM and a #. This tells you the phone is connected.

    Then you can go ahead and click PDA and browse to that tar file.

    When it runs you will see a progress indicator at top left.
  16. Blue218

    Blue218 Well-Known Member

    Crud....not working......I think I need to install the drivers???
  17. Grahxen

    Grahxen Well-Known Member

    Were you able to get the phone in download mode?
  18. Blue218

    Blue218 Well-Known Member

    yep with that yellow icon "Downloading...."

    I an updating my computer Windows 7
  19. Grahxen

    Grahxen Well-Known Member

    ok just make sure you have the driver installed so it can communciate with the PC.

    I updated the guide with more details.
  20. Blue218

    Blue218 Well-Known Member

    Can't get anything to show up in Odin....do have the "Downloading..." icon on phone.
  21. Blue218

    Blue218 Well-Known Member

    It's working....whoohoo....let ya know
  22. Grahxen

    Grahxen Well-Known Member

    Try a differnt USB port, and try leaving Odin running before you put the phone in download mode with cable connected.

    When the cable is connected and you hold down volume down, windows is going to make the USB device connected sound and you may even see "USB driver installed message".

    Have you been able to transfer files to and from your phones SD card before?

    Might even want to reboot your pc.
  23. Grahxen

    Grahxen Well-Known Member

    ok great
  24. Blue218

    Blue218 Well-Known Member

    phone is downloading 2.2 now......it seems to be going faster than before.
  25. Grahxen

    Grahxen Well-Known Member

    I just want to make sure the phone flashed ok back to bare stock, and the first update you did was the 10MB update correct?

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