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FIXED my Gingerbread update issues

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  1. Barry1217

    Barry1217 New Member

    I had the same problems after loading the Gingerbread update that were described by many other shift users: the "HTC" screen, then the "Loading" for about 10 seconds.

    But my phone works fine now. Go to "Settings" then "Power." Uncheck the "Fast Boot" box, then re-start your phone. Everything starts working normally again! At least it did for me. I now receive the benefits of the update without any slow-down or having to root my phone. Life is good again!

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  2. motoxxxman

    motoxxxman Well-Known Member

    I never even thought about it, but when I did my factory data reset to try and rid my phone of this common issue I also went through every setting and changed a ton of stuff, one of which was unchecking fast-boot. I havent had the loading screen 1 single time since. didnt know what did it, but now that you're mentioning this, it somewhat makes sense
  3. airbrat1990

    airbrat1990 Member

    YES! This worked for me to! Usually when I end any process hungry app I pretty much 99% get that stupid HTC/loading screen. I followed your instructions and so far so good!

    Somebody make this post a sticky!
  4. JasonDelta

    JasonDelta Member

    I followed these instructions and I still get the HTC loading screen. Nothing really seems to help besides restarting my phone every few hours. :(
  5. forfakes

    forfakes New Member

    Sorry guys, but disabling "Fast Boot" doesn't really resolve the issue. It almost delays it, if you want to call it that.

    Prior to this upgrade I was able to have all my screens with widgets loaded (calendar, news, weather, etc) and was able to browse the internet with multiple browsers opened. And I was able to go back and forth without any issues.

    NOW, if I have my widgets loaded and try to open multiple browsers I get the dreaded "HTC" screen with "LOADING" when I go home from the browsers.

    I will admit that disabling the "Fast Boot" helped a little for the regular apps, but it has definitely not resolved the main issue.
  6. magnumtripod

    magnumtripod Active Member

    I still get the HTC logo and then the loading screen, despite performing the above changes. doesn't bother me too much, but it would be nice if they fixed that.
  7. sharonguy

    sharonguy New Member

    Just in case others search for a fix to issues seemingly months after the rest of the crowd, this fix WORKED for me! An, iPhone lusting, (notso) saavy EVO user thanks you for posting!

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