[FIXED]Using HTC Hero to connect your laptop to the internet!!

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  1. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member

    How can I do this? I've tried this:
    Using the HTC Hero as a USB Modem | Brightpoint GB Tech Blog

    But it doesn't work, as soon as i select enable mobile network sharing, it just says its installing drivers, then it says it can't install the Android Phone.

    Doing my nut it!!!

    This is the information with the error:

    Windows detected a new device attached to your computer, but could not find the driver software it needs to make the device usable. Each device manufacturer typically includes driver software of a CD that comes with the device, or as a download from its website.

    The hardware ID of your device is USB\VID_0BB4&PID_0FFE&REV_0100.

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: PnPDriverNotFound
    Architecture: x86
    Hardware Id: USB\VID_0BB4&PID_0FFE&REV_0100
    OS Version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 1033

  2. raowler

    raowler New Member

    Have you installed the htcsync application. it has the drivers for your phone,
  3. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member

    Yes I have installed it. Still doesn't work

    As soon as I select "Mobile Network Sharing, it tries to install the drivers but says, windows couldn't find the drivers for your device.

    My OS is Vista Home Premium.
  4. slaguru

    slaguru Member

    I'm not sure if Vista causes problems, but I have had the Hero tethered with both XP and 7...

    Ok, best thing to start with is getting rid of any installed drivers.

    Download an app called USBDeview. Open it and look for Android USB drivers. Get rid of the lot and download a fresh copy of Sync.

    When you add the Hero it should ask for the drivers and find them with the new sync copy. That might clear it up for you.
  5. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member

    Thanks, tried that but now it says it is not rexognised. I looked at the driver details it doesn't recognise and it says it from Kasperspy which is my antivirus program. I did disable it during
  6. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member

    I tried this in windows 7 beta and it has the same problem.
  7. spicygadgets

    spicygadgets Member

    Install driver when they asked you to do that ... might be that can help.
  8. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member

    When they Ask? Does the computer ask.

    I have been installing the sync program. Then rebooted the pc. From my previous post about Windos saying itis not recognised the driver. I just plugged it in and it installed the drivers for the usb so I can look at the memory card and I can sync. But as soon as i select share network, it doesn't find it.

    I use the internet a lot via my phone, luckily i'm on leave from the Navy at the moment. So I can get this fixed before the 31st!!! Basically I need to use the phone as a modem but it won't/can't find that drivers.
  9. raowler

    raowler New Member

    works ine on my office xp sp3 dell laptop and on my vista buisness premium. I cannnot comment on windows 7 as not got a machine to put it on yet. remove any old sync software like sony/samsung etc and if you have used windows sync get id of thatg then reinstall htc sync. otherwise intact htc support.
  10. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I used Vista but have duel boot with win7 which I don';t use! Just thought i'd try it. Anyway un-installing stuff now.
  11. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member

    Sent this support ticket to htc:

    And he come back with this, which makes no sense:

    I installed Windows Mobile Device Centre on my Vista but can't find settings, all settings, connections, usb-pc and internet sharing!!!
  12. Plexus

    Plexus Well-Known Member

    Sorry fellas, but my Hero came with a 2gb mem card on which were written the instruction booklet , quick start guide , (both PDF) , the old version of HTC sync AND the precious drivers.
    However when you download the newest version of HTC sync from HTC page, it will also upate or replace, or fix (whatever) the drivers.

    I must add though, that this smart assed post notwithstanding, I have been unable to go online via the Hero with my XPsp3 netbook; no problems with vista, but it does'nt seem to like XP.
    The PC shows me an open and working connection via USB, but when I click on the browser icon I get the dreaded "unable to connect...try..." message.
    I did'nt try too hard because I have the disponibility of a Vaio TT which is as small as a notebook and is juiced by Vista,bt it pissed me off anyway.
  13. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member


    Uninstalled the latest version of HTC Sync. Removed all driver and installed the old HTC Sync which was on the memory card, installed it, selected mobile network sharing and it installed the driver and i'm using it now to post this. Can someone prefix the thread with [FIXED]

  14. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member

    Found this on the HTC Hero Facebook Page:

    I've spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out why HTC Sync would not allow me to use the Mobile Network Sharing (MNS).

    All morning, I had assumed that my notebook was using the MNS as I was able to access Facebook from the office. Turns out that I was latched onto a secondary WiFi access point without realizing it.

    So, after installing HTC Sync, all other drivers installed fine, except for the NDIS driver which is needed in order to use MNS. I searched high and low to find a download for the driver, and finally found it.

    For those of you who are missing the driver (not sure? Open Device Manager, and see if you have an Android Phone device that is showing up as an error), go to your Program Files folder, look for the HTC folder, and in it, you will find HTC Drivers... that elusive NDIS driver is stored there.

    Just go to Device Manager, find the Android Phone device, right click, select Update Driver, and get it to find the driver from the folder above. Once the driver is installed, getting online is easy

    From the Hero, select Menu -> Settings -> Wireless Settings -> Mobile Network Sharing

    Odd that there's no icon in the Windows system tray, but hey, it works, and I'm not complaining.

    ** this topic was posted from my LG notebook while connected over the Hero's mobile connection. :)
  15. Plexus

    Plexus Well-Known Member

    So, if I got you right Mcyates, you were unable to connect with the new HTC sync but the old one (from the mem card) got you online with no probs?

    Im asking because as I told you I have zero troubles in going on line, syncing etc with my Sony Vaio TT (vista), but somehow from my MSI wind (XP) the only thing I managed to accomplish was to access the phone's memories.
    Could it be that the newer software is indicated for Vista only while the older works better with XP?
  16. Mandroid29

    Mandroid29 New Member

    Hi all,

    I have struggled for the last hour or so to sort this but I finally figured it out, and I am posting this for everyyon including myself should I need to do a Windows re-stall...lol.

    1. Connect your USB cable to the HTC hero and the PC.
    2. At the top of your HTC hero on the home screen, touch the very top and drag it downwards (the same as you do when you have downloaded software to install from the HERO Marjket function)
    3. You shoud now see "USB Connected" - click this and then select "Mount"
    4. This should be sufficient to use windows explorer to locate and find the version of HTC Sync bundled with your device.

    If its there drag to the desktop of your PC and install.

    If its not there, diconnect the USB (Because the HTC Hero won't allow you to download whilst syncd to the PC) and do a search for the following search string in google from your HTC hero browser


    At the bottom of the screen there is an option to select the current software version, then the country closest to you.

    5. Once this has been selected and you have selected to download this to your HTC Hero, wait for the download to finish, when it has, go to step 2 and 3 of my instructions above, then skip to instruction 6. below, got that, 2 then 3, then skip to step 6.

    6. Now using windows explorer, find the drive/phone and navigate to "downloads" select HTC software, copy to desktop and install.

    7. When done reboot PC.

    8. When trying to connect to the net, from the home screen of your HTC Hero, press "Menu ---> Settings ---> Wireless Controls, Scroll down and click "Mobile Network Sharing" - This should then disconnect the file transfer utillity. (Don't worry this is good)

    9. On the system tray, you might have previously had problems with the system saying it couldn't locate the driver software, you can now sort this quickly...

    On your PC, navigate to Control Panel, System, Device Manger

    Your android phone probably will have an error exclamation graphic next to it, right click and select update driver.

    10. Select locate the driver file on your pc, and navigate/browse to your C:, then programm files, navigate to the HTC file and just click HTC file and select ok.

    Restart your pc keeping your phone connected by USB and when done, go back into the settings of your HTC hero, make sure step 8 of this tutorial is still selected.

    Your PC should then run a tutorial to set up the net connection.

    I hope this helps and makes sense. Any questions feel free to ask, and I will try to help.
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  17. daffyduck

    daffyduck Well-Known Member

    Great thanks a lot for this thread - I have finally managed to get my newly upgraded Acer laptop with Windows 7 tethered (something that worked easily with Vista). Followed your instructions & bar a few issues at the end (more to do with the fact that I hadn't disconnected the wireless application on my phone & restarted mobile data!), the laptop finally accesses the web thru the Hero.

    Just taken 2.5 weeks and about 3 hrs of effort in all.

    No, just got to try to resolve why 7 doesn't recognise my Bluetooth adaptor on the laptop.............arghhhhhhh!
  18. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Okay. I'm going to move your posts over to the Sprint Hero forum, as with it being an issue specific to that carrier you're much more likely to find a solution there.
  19. zfdesign

    zfdesign New Member

    I have tried connecting my Hero to my desktop and laptop running Windows XP, Vista Business and Windows 7 pro but none of those combinations will work with the device as a modem, sharing its Internet conection via USB.


    All Windows mobile devices do that a lot better, shame on Android. Wonder if it is Android not providing the software support yet or it is the combination of Hero Android only. But generally disapoonted from the lack of this feature.
  20. Plexus

    Plexus Well-Known Member

    I dunno 'bout vista and w7 coz I use mobile tethering only to go online with my netbook, but I can't see why you should be the only one having troubles to connect via your Hero.
    Make sure you have the latest software installed on your lappie and there should be no probs, to make it even easier you can find on the market some free apps designed to make this process even easier including one, I think it's called proxoid,( sorry I don't have my Hero here now) that turns the Hero into a wireless wifi router capable of sharing internet with up to 5 laptops .
    This wireless router app brings to the Hero a function which is standard and which I love in my HTC HD2 (my 2nd phone) and I have been happy to be able to use it also on my Hero.
    I tried to have 3 laptops wirelessly tethered to it simultaneously and the connection did'nt slow down a bit and we were able to download two different vids from two different sites at the same time while streaming music on the third machine.
    Could it be that the problem is with your provider/telco?
  21. zfdesign

    zfdesign New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    After bringing up this issue I feel obligated to respond to you back with the good news.

    I have been able to connect my HTC Hero to my laptop and connect to the Internet using the Mobile network sharing feature.

    I have struggled before for unknown reasons but my laptop had Windows 7 re-installed and a fresh installation of HTCSync software. One thing that buggs me is there is no notification in the Tray showing the connection status, but I was asked to confirm the Network group at first connection.

    I have had trouble installing and connecting the device to a Windows XP 64 bit OS at work and I am not happy not being able to sync my phone Calendar (even Google Sync will not work with XP 64 bit). It has been confirmed to me from HTC Cust. Support there is no support fro XP 64 bit. Stay away from that combination.

    And finally thank you all for your comments and recommendations I will defiantely try some of those out. proxoid - Project Hosting on Google Code sounds good.

  22. netsafe07b

    netsafe07b Member

    Do I need a specific service plan to Do this? I currently have internet on my phone.
  23. netsafe07b

    netsafe07b Member

  24. Squiggy

    Squiggy Well-Known Member

    Technically, you do not need anything else to make it work, but unless you have a data plan, the internet usage is going to eat into your minutes.
  25. netsafe07b

    netsafe07b Member

    I've got unlimited mins...what plan are you teathering from ?

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