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  1. soundhate

    soundhate New Member


    I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1n.

    I wonder if I can play .flac and .mkv files on it?! It has Android 3.3 ... soon it gets android 4.0 upgrade.

    It can play the files or I must get an app for it?

    I'm sorry that I noob I hope u can help me :)

    if it don't play the files maybe anybody know a tutorial how to make it play them :))

    greetings sound:nurse:

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    For FLAC, download powerAMP

    For MKV, download MoboPlayer
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  3. Xethaios

    Xethaios Member

    MX Player works for mkv, I believe, and Instinctiv supports flac, and i believe Google Play Music does as well.
    Happy streaming.

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