flash 10.1 not installing

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  1. thegremlin

    thegremlin Active Member

    when I try to install flash 10.1 frm the market it says installation was not done....even tried installing via SD card...whts happening?

  2. Fish-Bone

    Fish-Bone Well-Known Member

    Im not sure, but... Ain't it pre-installed on Froyo already?
  3. jhaunton

    jhaunton New Member

    No Flash 10.1 is not part of Froyo - it is a separate install. It seems to have been pulled from the market (presumable casue it was buggy) and the .apk you can obtain will not install for me either - I think perhaps because it is region specific (I am in AU). I guess we must wait for Adobe to fix and release.
  4. thegremlin

    thegremlin Active Member

    Tht would explain it.... any idea when they r gonna release it?
  5. M0ffe

    M0ffe Active Member

    It's adobe, so it could take anything from days to years...
  6. NX3

    NX3 Well-Known Member

    Flash 10.1 for Android isn't compatible for the CPU in the HTC Legend, we aren't ever going to get it. Check the specs on Adobe page or google, you'll find plenty of reference to the Legend / CPU we have , not getting Flash.
  7. M0ffe

    M0ffe Active Member

    Ah, I forgot Adobe specializes in writing non-portable code :)

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