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  1. aftoyboy

    aftoyboy New Member

    Anyone know how to flash the metropcs samsung admire to work with cricket? I've searched everywhere and can't find anything of how to. I would go out abd purchase the vitality for cricket but ain't got the money, the metro phone was to go to my wife but she decided to get a divorce instead HAHA

    My huwawei ascend is too slow (rooted and overclocked) and doesn't want to work for me anymore and since I've already got the admire I may as well make it work WITH 3G!

    Please, detailed instructions would be most helpful I'm a bit new at this so links to downloads etc would be quite helpful. Sure hope someone can help me. Thank you in advance!

  2. greasemonky

    greasemonky Well-Known Member

    Not possible from what Ive heard of. It may be the same phone but cricket wont flash it. Ive even seen people on craigslist asking the same thing and the answer is always no. Im on cricket. Sorry about that.
  3. mussio

    mussio Well-Known Member

    idk crickets policies but you can flash a cricket prl using qpst that way you will be on there network instead of metros if you know someone im sure they could get your esn added to the crickets system. as for the web all the setting can be done via qpst and i think ##DATA#.

    not sure but i thought cricket allowed flashed phones.
    ill help with what i can.
  4. greasemonky

    greasemonky Well-Known Member

    Cricket does flash phones but for some reason they wont do metro. Here in San Antonio there are people that have showed up with metro phones and they always say they cant flash it to the cricket network. IDK why. They will flash sprint, verizon and at&t(except the iphones) but not tmobile nor metro. Its like when pocket communications was around, they would not flash a pocket phone to cricket and pocket would not cricket phone to pocket. Although when cricket and pocket joined as one company, all pocket phones were transferred to the cricket network after a few months. So it might be possible but it may be something they might be refusing to do cause of competition or something.

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