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Flash Cricket Ascend 2 to Straight TalkSupport

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  1. thecoo1est

    thecoo1est Member

    Ive noticed that straight talk is offering the ascend 2 now. I have a cricket ascend 2 and would like to flash it with the straight talk software. Is this possible? Where can I find the software?

  2. thecoo1est

    thecoo1est Member

    nobody, eh?
  3. pauljulian

    pauljulian Member

    Don't ya hate it when somebody like me responds but it doesn't solve your issue? <smile>

    Just adding my "yes, please"... probably not been offered by ST long enough for anyone to have had the time to tweak ST's specific flavor yet... but it's a new week! Full of potential adventure! LOL

    A good week to all!
  4. JHell

    JHell Well-Known Member

    Im workin on it. I have a ST ascend 2

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