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Flash CS5 extensions for android unavailable from adobe?? anyone know solution

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  1. helen_sheridan

    helen_sheridan New Member

    Hello, I'm totally new to developing apps for android and am just getting started in flash CS5. According to most tutorials that I can find on the web I need to install an extension from adobe.

    see this tutorial

    Creative Sweet TV - Publish to Android 2.2 from Adobe Flash CS5 | Adobe TV

    However, when I go to adobe's site they say that the extension isn't available anymore and will be integrated with their new version of Flash!!!!

    Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Extension for Adobe AIR 2.5 - Adobe Labs

    I just bought a new Mac to run CS5 and can't believe that now it looks like I'll have to upgrade my software, at more expense, in order to do something that was possible only a short time ago!!

    Does anyone have any information on this problem?

  2. BobBobson108

    BobBobson108 New Member

    I'm having the exact same problem, if anyone could help us out it would be much appreciated. Thanks!! :D
  3. starscream9000

    starscream9000 New Member

    did anyone have any luck finding the AIR extension? REALLY need this to complete my dissertation! any help or a point in the right direction would be great. Thanks

  4. laserra

    laserra New Member

    Hi Helen, Bob and Star,

    I'm in the same situation. I had used before this extension, but it seems Adobe stoped providing the tool, because it seems that with AIR 2.6, it will be integrated in the next version of Flash.

    The other of doing this, it seems to be with AIR SDK, which can be downloaded from here (Adobe AIR * AIR Developer Tool (ADT)) I've not used it or tested, so I don't know , yeat, how it works, but it seems it will be through the command line.

    Hope this will help you some how, since I'm about to test it myself.

  5. jfedge

    jfedge New Member

    I have the extension. if you need it, email me.
  6. Tenchy Cho

    Tenchy Cho New Member

    I need this extension too, if someone has it, pls link to it or email me :)


    thx thx thx
  7. Tenchy Cho

    Tenchy Cho New Member

    Problem solved :)
  8. leo150

    leo150 New Member

  9. starscream9000

    starscream9000 New Member

    if you still need this extension, email me at henry.alderslade@live.co.uk and I can provide you with where to get it via a direct link.
  10. jwillnyc

    jwillnyc New Member

  11. lopyisme

    lopyisme New Member

  12. iMominho

    iMominho New Member

  13. Xris

    Xris New Member

  14. mohsinmumtaz

    mohsinmumtaz New Member

    please send me too at mohsinmumtaz1987 at gmail dot com
  15. turambar

    turambar New Member

    Hello man, i will be very grateful if you could send me too. This is my account:
    thank you very much
  16. bayz

    bayz New Member

  17. bayz

    bayz New Member

  18. weebnuts

    weebnuts New Member

    can you send it to me too?! I upgraded to CS5 just a few months ago, and I can't justify spending the money to upgrade again.

    Thanks, please send the link to weebnuts@hotmail.com
  19. smokezz

    smokezz New Member

    Can anyone send me download link for air to android flash cs5 extension! I'll very delightful!
  20. cioccoriso

    cioccoriso New Member

    i really need this missing extension!
    Someone can help me?!
  21. bedal

    bedal New Member

  22. keiichicute

    keiichicute New Member

  23. gxp

    gxp New Member

  24. miXer

    miXer Well-Known Member

    I'm amazed how many people who don't read the posts clearly.
    starscream9000 was kind enough to be willing to email this extension to people if they emailed him first!
  25. alooa2012

    alooa2012 New Member

    Please could any one send me the extension my email (baylsan.ala@gmail.com)

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