flash CWM on rooted galaxy mini

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  1. kosaidpo

    kosaidpo New Member

    hello guys

    i wanna flash CWM on a rooted galaxy mini runin gingerbread 2.3.6 on stock recovery/rom using my sdcard is it possible ?? or ill brick it ??

  2. ivanlz94

    ivanlz94 New Member

    Me too have that question.
    I have gingerbread 2.3.4 root-ed and when i try flash CWM with ODIN,
    i whait 20 minutes and nothing was hapened ?? what is problem ??
  3. sk327

    sk327 Member

    You can flash clockworkmod recovery not only via Odin but also as a zip from your stock recovery.Just press power and home button together to boot into stock recovery and flash it.Here's link for downloading CWM Recovery as zip: http://www.sharebeast.com/g5g0ai3p6ia6
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  4. waldorf25

    waldorf25 New Member

    Thanx alot

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  5. ivanlz94

    ivanlz94 New Member

    Ok tnx, I mean, if you understand it is the same procedure as when root my phone, I'm going to update from SD Card and select the file?
  6. sk327

    sk327 Member

    Just place zip on your SD card and rename it to a.zip because stock recovery doesn't scroll throughout SD card.It displays only first 6 or 7 files or folders arranged alphabetically
  7. mmanoj

    mmanoj Member

    will it work perfectly ..?
    im afraid will it brick my phone...?help!!!

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