Flash files with USB Debugging enabled by default?

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    Ok here is my dilemma. I recently got a G1 from a relative that had tmobile. I live in central america and want to use it, already got in contact with tmbole to give me the code but havent gotten it yet. at the time i got it i could of browse the apps and mess around without the ability to make calls. However i did a factory reset and that was it, all i get now is the create or sign in to your google account.

    Ive read many threads about registering without data plan (which i don't or will never have in my country) or wifi which i do have at home here. My problem is most instructions are telling me i need to have USB debugging enabled. How do i do that if i can't even get past the register screen? I cant use APN settings cuz i dont have tmobile here or data plans here. Without have the USB debugging enabled i can't install my X86 drivers properly without windows putting its own drivers.

    By the way i already have RC29 on my device.

    No USB Debugging= No ADB= No register= No screen to put in tmobile unlock code when and if i receive it. I just need to get back to being able to use the phone without making calls and sending SMS like before. Is there any NBH file or flash file that has USB debugging enabled and if u have any, any instructions to install? Sorry for the lengthy post just want to get it clear.

    Thanks for any help guys.

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    I can not swear to it but, if you follow the instructions in my signature you may be able to root the phone to and ADP (developer phone) ...

    The problem is you will need to have and app called Terminal and Telnet ... ( you may be able to find these by searching the web ... telnet.apk and terminal.apk ...
    The above files may already be in the build files ... not sure ( i recall having to download them from the Market... but that was back in November of 2008 so i am not absolutely sure )

    found you a link for the terminal.apk >>> http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=176461&d=1239751078

    Try to find those files first .... The instructions have the links for the other files ...
    Be sure to use the OS build for 1.5 ADP I recommend the most stable is ...


    Lets us know how things go ... we will try to help if possible ..

    PS: Here is a guide to much of what you may find useful in your situation from a Wizard in the Android World and Rooted Builds JesusFreake ....or Just JF as we usuall call him

    [​IMG] How to register the G1 without a sim or data plan
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    thanks man, i have no knowledge of how this thing works. But ill give it a try.

    First- How do i get telnet and terminal on the phone since i cant access market?
    Second- How do i get the OS build for 1.5 ADP on the phone?
    Third- The drivers still can't be installed, since windows is using its default drivers.
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    this is very frustrating, everything i read is like in a different language. All the threads i have come across is assuming that your are NOT locked out of your phone. In order to get the drivers to work properly i do believe that USB Debugging is my problem but i can't activate it if i cant get into the phone. I have tried putting on OS build for 1.5 ADP on the phone by holding dwn home and power then cntrl L then cntrl S and even power and camera button but all failed. I really need a super dummy guide on this.
  5. Z06

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    thanks man that is what i needed! Im certain of it. However me and my pc are at world war 10 because of these drivers, it keeps telling me its up to date! i can't continue pass that! everything else seems pretty easy. Any advice on that?

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