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  1. drscrane

    drscrane Member

    Does anyone know how to flash the Ascend from Metro over to Cricket?

  2. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    as far as i know you can't because you brought metroPCS, but if you would, your ascend would not have 3g still, since the metropcs ascend is a lil different from the crickets
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  3. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    it can be flash to another carrier, but it not a 123 step...
  4. CoolPhoneMan

    CoolPhoneMan Member

    can u point me/us in the direction of a "decent" tut?
  5. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Well-Known Member

    There is no difference between the Metro and Cricket version of the phone. If you wanted it flashed to Cricket, you would first have to find a Cricket dealer to add your phone's ESN into their system, and the rest you could either do yourself, or possibly a Cricket dealer would be willing to do a full flash where talk, text, web, and MMS work. Doing the rest yourself would require the QPST software to push the right PRL and reprogram certain settings, and changing APN settings to work for Cricket, which you could also do by simply flashing a Cricket version of CM6/CM7/Icarus onto the phone, which you can find links to in this forum.

    And yes you would be able to get 3G, because the Metro version DOES get 3G if you're in an area that has it available. My MetroPCS Ascend was getting 3G in certain coverage areas before I bought an HTC Droid Incredible and flashed it over to MetroPCS (using QPST and a couple of apps/tools to get data and MMS working).

    FYI, it seems that the average cost I've heard for a Cricket dealer doing a full flash is around the $50 range.
  6. Does cricket have better coverage than Metro-PCS?

    What is the best phone I can get on Metro? Even though my Ascend has been rooted with CM7 ROm, it still is rather limited....
  7. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Well-Known Member

    The top two phones from Metro right now are the LG Connect and the LG Esteeem. Both are 4G/LTE phones, and have the largest screens. Check Metro's website for the specifics.

  8. Both look like good phones. The LG Connect looks like its more comfortable, but the LG Esteem might have slightly better specs just cause of the HDMI output and it already has Gingerbread on it?

    Are both phones easy to root and is that the best way to go if you obtain any of them?

    I just don't like how Metro charges an extra $10 a month for 4G :(
  9. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Well-Known Member

    The Esteem and the Connect both have one-click-root options, and the Esteem has several ROMs already available.

    Almost anyone here would say a phone is better rooted, because it gives you the ability to do things like remove bloatware, and to use root-requiring apps. For the non-tech savvy, they may never come across an instance where they need the phone rooted, but from a techhead and performance standpoint, one would prefer to have it rooted just in case, if nothing else.

    Sorry about the late reply, been swamped the last couple weeks.
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  10. No problem.... I currently have the Huawei Ascend and it was a bvitch to root! I had one of my super tech savvy friends do it and it took him a while to figure it out... he had to go through a multitude of steps..

    Anyway I am running CM7 on it now... is the best Mod out? Is it available for the Esteem and Connect? I may go buy one of these today.
  11. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    CM7 in its current form is as far as development will go w/this phone.

    I would STRONGLY suggest you move up to the ESTEEM,lots of development for that phone.

  12. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Isn't the Connect dual-core, though?

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