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  1. Puquer

    Puquer Member

    I have an Acer Liquid E running Froyo (official release)
    To test out flash I went to an online flash game. It loaded, but I couldn't move my character around, because I had no arrow keys! Is there a keyboard or gaming pad or something I can download with directional arrows for flash games?

    Also, I saved a flash game as a .swf file. Is there an android app that can play this file so I dont need to play them online? Or maybe a convertor to play flash games on android....whatever, keyboard is priority 1!:D


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  2. ProphetZarquon

    ProphetZarquon New Member

    Try a bluetooth keyboard. Also, it's not even possible to click inside most flash apps under 2.2 Froyo. Flash 10.1 support extends to video playback and not much else. Ironic considering all the hype we got about Android being able to run Flash games back in May.

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