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  1. monteie2016

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    A little while back I had an iPhone 4S. I wanted to try Android so I got a Google Nexus. I ended up flashing the phone to Jelly Bean and have since enjoyed getting the latest OS from Google when it was available rather than when it was dictated to me by my carrier. Also I really like the Android OS.
    That said I would like to do the same thing to a Galaxy Note. Can someone tell me if there is a documented process out there that will allow me to flash a stock google Jelly Bean ROM on the Note? If yes can you please point me to it.


  2. slatt01

    slatt01 Member

  3. ayongkot

    ayongkot Well-Known Member

    you can go here SamMobile Firmware Page download the latest firmware for your region and all other additional files (i.e., flash program, flash guide and drivers in connecting your phone to your pc). good luck.

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