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Flash not working for camera or flashlight but randomly flashesSupport

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  1. JamesCarroll

    JamesCarroll New Member

    Hi everybody,

    ok, i have an htc desire from US Cellular and after i got the froyo update my phone started acting up. first i had to get it replaced because the phone itself wouldnt work, after i got it replaced i tried updating it agin at the local Us Cellular store now my camera flash wont turn on with the flashlight app or for the camera, my camera works fine no blank screen etc, throughout the day my camera flash will randomly go off though and it is quite annoying. htc customer support said it was probably a problem with the phone and to take it back but US Cellular said it was a software problem and they couldnt do anything about it. if anybody else has had or is having this problem let me know how you have fixed it please.

    thank you,
    p.s. sorry the post is so long

  2. SiHa

    SiHa Well-Known Member

    US cellular still supplied you the phone, regardless of wether the fault is software or hardware. Now I'm no expert in US consumer law, but I'd have thought that they are still obliged to provide you with a phone that works, that's certainly how it works in the UK.
    Don't you have the .'Lemon Law' over there, or does it only apply to cars, sorry, automobiles?;)
    To be honest, it sounds like a software fault caused by their update. Have you tried a factory reset, just in case though?
  3. JamesCarroll

    JamesCarroll New Member

    they told me that the only way they would replace it is if i sent it to insurance and they deemed it to be a problem with the phone, the problem with that is i need my phone for work because of the emails i get and have to send. ive thought about doing th factory reset but after spending 4 hours in the store the last time getting it updated i would rather not do that if at all possible. lol lyes the "lemon law" only refers to cars/trucks unfortanately<- probably spelled wrong, i use bruan not brains lol.
  4. SiHa

    SiHa Well-Known Member

    They sound like a bunch of shysters to me. The phone is not working, it's down to them to fix it, unless the repair centre can show that you've buggered it by rooting, which you haven't.
    You haven't, right?
    But, to be fair, you do need to let them send it off for repair, rather than insist on a replacement.
  5. saredavies

    saredavies New Member

    Hi James, I'm having the same problem with my desire. I read another forum where the poster said the problem was resolved by removing the battery and the micro SD card but this hasn't worked for me. Have you found a solution yet?
  6. hellybob

    hellybob Well-Known Member

    Has anyone any more details on this as I have the same problem?
  7. syaz

    syaz New Member

    I have similar issue but I'm not sure when exactly it started, probably after I updated to Froyo.

    It was working fine before for few months. Then after I updated (at least I think this is the issue) flashlight doesn't work anymore as if the LED is broken. But it randomly flashes so it's not broken per se. It's especially annoying when I'm talking on the phone in public and it flashes, people think I'm taking their pictures!

    I just flashed custom ROM today hoping this will go away. Now running Cyanogen 7... and still having this problem.
  8. hellybob

    hellybob Well-Known Member

    I took it to a shop and the replaced the camera unit and flex bit for
  9. PearD

    PearD Member

    It does sound like a hardware problem to me. I have a desire with preloaded 2.2 and the camera functions normally. To rule out software installation problems, you can download 2.2 from uscc.com and flash it yourself. There is a step by step walk-through. You would need a pc and usb cable though.

    On a side note, I'm surprised us cell hasn't been more helpful for you. They have always treated me pretty well.
  10. rdrimmel

    rdrimmel New Member

    I'm having the same problem with my htc desire, as of a few weeks ago. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? That is, something less drastic then replacing the camera unit in the phone?

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